Dropping to Cee

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Another moldy oldie I found in the cave. I faded out the end...because it was missing a complete ending. It was an idea I had with no end...LOL..:| Enjoy....:)


January 02 2017 23:25:51
Caroljoyce From 1:44 to 2:16, this is the part i prefer. Yes, you were right to upload without shame this song. I can hear a little horse galloping...;)+1
January 03 2017 03:42:47
mortheol Thanks Agnes...you are so kind:)
I like the galloping horse analogy:D
January 02 2017 21:21:20
frankyguitar Super Ron !! Very nice track, fine melody and recording :)+1
January 03 2017 03:40:02
mortheol Thanks Frank, I am happy I saved some of these older tracks. After listening to them again they dont seem so bad;):) +1
January 03 2017 08:43:21
frankyguitar Yes, it was a very good decision to safe it :) +1
January 02 2017 15:22:55
bhunt1 cool sounds+1
January 03 2017 03:38:30
mortheol Thanks BH, I am glad you liked:) +1
January 02 2017 15:12:02
piper Oooh, nice and moldy! Yummmm! ;) A very rugged, macho piece, brother dear:P;)+1
January 03 2017 03:37:44
mortheol Thanks Sista'.....of course you know me and macho go together😉😀😂 +0
January 02 2017 14:14:32
Fabricio L
Fabricio L Great too!+1
January 03 2017 03:36:27
Fabricio L
mortheol Too kind of you Fabricio😊 +1
January 03 2017 18:24:45
Fabricio L
Fabricio L I download this , thinking in some add. Thank you Ron! :D +1
January 03 2017 18:26:32
Fabricio L
mortheol That would be awesome!:)
Please take your time.
I also have an add coming on one of yours...stay tuned;)
January 03 2017 18:28:36
Fabricio L
mortheol I know the timing is a little off.
I tried to play my drums with it over the weekend and it was not so good.
This is how I know my timing and rhythm was poor.
January 03 2017 18:32:53
Fabricio L
Fabricio L Yes, I understand you because sometimes I played without worry with time, metronome, ... just play ... Its wonderfull !:) +1
January 03 2017 18:34:25
Fabricio L
mortheol I look forward to your add!:) +1
January 03 2017 23:29:33
Fabricio L
Fabricio L Added # 94553
Their song reminded me of a band called Kyuss (stoner rock), which I like a lot and they play C drop. It contributes a guitar with tremolo and one with delay, it was half 70's. I hope you like it too, my friend!
January 02 2017 08:30:53
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler good:)+1
January 03 2017 03:35:52
Lenny Cowler
mortheol Thans Lenny!😆 +1
January 02 2017 08:06:05
davidaustin great templates you are posting Ron:):D+1
January 03 2017 03:35:07
mortheol Thanks David:)
I really didnt play much these past few days, my bad finger hurts. So I went thru my archives and dug up these tunes I never released. At least the ones that seemed ok.
January 02 2017 07:48:38
abuitremorem sounds great Ron:):)
Meine deutsche Eingabe an Google translator: "auch das tönt sehr toll" und die Übersetzung: Be the first.:D:D:D
January 03 2017 03:30:52
mortheol Vielen Dank Rene:)
Kein Problem, ich verstehe alles.
Ich bin Google übersetzen....LOL
January 02 2017 07:42:19
Uloisius wonderful Guitar 🎼 ;o)+1
January 03 2017 03:30:24
mortheol Thanks Uli:D +0
January 02 2017 05:22:23
TanTalo fantastic mor
♥ . .))(
♫ .(ړײ) ♫.
♥ .«▓» ♥.
♫ ..╝╚.. ♫..saludos..
January 03 2017 03:29:47
mortheol :):D:) +1
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