The Verve Augmenta (Drums)

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GemmyF1381 jams
step I
United States
2underpar70 jams
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I worked on this drum track for a few days. And when it no longer felt like work and felt like fun I knew it was time to publish. It took a little concentration to tackle a 10 minute track but all in all I think it works. Thanks for listening Bill


francisco al
bom trabalho, 2underpar. ficou legal+1
January 07 2017 21:18:17
francisco al
2underpar Thanks Francisco. It's a little unique but I think it works. +0
Good one! i cant follow this with regular pattern. Good work and fun is the way (i think)+1
January 04 2017 03:08:36
2underpar Thanks Demian. I guess I can say I tried to keep the same tempo throughout. Though the beat is erratic there are times they repeat randomly. The hi-hat rhythm is the most repeated element. Thanks for the compliment. +1
Excellent use of interesting rhythm patterns! Great job!+1
January 04 2017 03:14:17
2underpar Thanks Dan. I like the overall flow of the bass and rim slaps. Something I normally don't do but I used my best snare mic and it worked out. Thanks for the listen. +0
:D:D:YAhhhh 10 minute gauntlet!
Well done!
January 03 2017 04:24:40
2underpar Thanks Jim. It's a bit artsy and I'm not sure how many folks are willing to listen all the way through. But with that said, I think the recording turned out very well. I experimented with a more traditional rock beat but didn't pound out anything I liked as much as this. +1
January 03 2017 04:27:21
GemmyF it definitely had a jazzy vibe from the get go. Yeah to bad about the short attention span!:D +1
January 03 2017 04:31:14
2underpar If they can hang with it, the track definitely has a cool ending, lol. +1

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