I´ll Keep Your Heart(Ac.Gui+Bass)

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I heard this track before there were any adds besides the piano. There has already been made a lot of great adds. But I thought it would be fun to make kind of an "acoustic" version of this wonderful track by Marcelo and the great song by Alice. I added a bass and an acoustic guitar with a little "intro theme". I chose this version with Thierrys Always-awesome harp. It would be great to hear some drums or percussion on ...


YesssB) Peter, that sounds very good!+1
January 04 2017 10:35:26
Peterpingo Thanks Peter. Glad you like it. :) +1
Great acoustic version with Titi's lovely harp, that opening guitar gave a wonderful feel , and how you build the mood on this song is excellent Peter! you added a very nice weight for the track with that great bass line, I'm so glad you join us !+1
January 04 2017 10:34:59
Peterpingo Thanks Alice. I´m so thrilled to read your comment. As written I fell in love with this track (like you did) even before your song was published. That song didn´t quite stop my falling in love process though. ;) It´s a fantastic song and I´m just so glad to "be around" and having the chance to do this. :) +0
Wonderful Addition, Peter! Completes this heavenly track!+1
January 05 2017 09:35:12
Peterpingo Thanks. That is certainly a wonderful comment to read from the Master of heavenly adds in general. I´m very pleased you like it. :) +0
Fantastic acoustic intro! Great dimension with your add Peter! So good! :)+1
January 05 2017 21:09:33
Peterpingo Thank you very much. I´m glad you like it :) +0
So beautiful Peter ,I love your guitar here,very good my friend ;)+1
January 06 2017 07:10:01
Peterpingo Thanks bro. Your words are much appreciated. :) +0
Marcelo D
Peter, Peter, Peter... hahahahah
I can hear your signature here.
You know, some musicians try very hard to have their own sound and you signed the song with your beautiful guitar.
This track is also yours now cause everybody will know that this is the gorgeous Peter guitar.
Thanks for your add :)
January 11 2017 02:59:55
Marcelo D
Peterpingo Haha. You are such a sweet person Marcelo. I´m just so happy that I found this wiki-place and discovered your great compositions. It´s actually a little strange to think about that for about one year ago I found myself in in a pause from playing music. This pause lasted for about 17 years. And at that time I didn´t think I would ever start playing again. (I was wrong :) ) All that I have to thank wikiloops for and all the wonderful people and musicians here. And You are DEFINITELY one of them my friend. Thank you very much:W. +1
Fantastic version and good idea, great job in the strings section (guitar and bass) :)+0
January 04 2017 10:37:07
Peterpingo Thanks Mario. I´m very glad you think so. Your versions and adds for this song is great too (If I haven´t already said that) heh heh. :) +0
Major 3rd
great adds Peter!!!! sounds awesome!!!! cheers+0
January 05 2017 07:24:24
Major 3rd
Peterpingo Thanks my friend. Great to read your comment. Cheers Comrade. ;) +1

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