The Deal's Foremath

step I
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Added some piano and keyboard horns :)
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Soul/Funk in the


I swear something in my soul just woke up again! :D

:Y :Y :Y :Y :Y :Y :Y :Y :Y :Y :Y :Y :Y :Y

Oh, this one deserves a good bass line, not just going to one-take this :D
January 05 2017 17:44:42
Leftdaloops1019 It's about time you took music serious!!! I mean Dang it feels good to be a serious musician. +2
January 05 2017 17:53:00
eGiL Lol, so it's still hope for me? ;) +1
January 05 2017 17:56:30
Leftdaloops1019 It's all in the outcome!!!!
The Track will tell!
The Track don't Lie.
Don't Lie Track!
Tell the Truth Track!
Truth Be Told
Track isn't all it cracked up to B or C, maybe D
January 05 2017 18:18:37
eGiL Ok, track will tell :D +0
Awesome ! Dear Simonymous , I love yours sounds and grooves....We certaily listened to the same musics in our youth !+1
That's awesome! Really like the quality of sound on the horns. What is the source/library for those?+1
January 05 2017 19:40:57
Simonymous Kontakt Session Horns Pro :) with alot of midi changes velocity and all that to make it sound good. and also alot of effects to make it sound vintage :) +1
January 05 2017 19:45:35
schwaglr Thanks for the info. I can appreciate the amount of time it takes to program all of those individual articulation changes. Lots of keyswitches, but well worth it. Love the vintage effect too! +1
January 05 2017 19:56:42
Simonymous Glad you like it :) +0
Very cool Simon+1
Love this. Really good. x+1
Most cool - had to have a go :)+1
great tune!!!!! great adds!!!!!+1
Bright ,sharp ...on target Simon wonderful 70s vibe.G+1
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