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Some of the younger and hipper (ahem) hippos and spiders from #94416 have snuck out of the ball to go disco dancing at Piper's Perfect Palace Of Swing! A dance battle is declared, hippos v spiders, and off they go.... Except that the snake who's manning the decks keeps cutting the sound! Why is she doing this? Nobody's sure but you better believe the onlookers have a few choice works for her during the breaks! As the night wears on, ...


Hahahahaha, this was a fun one! Whacky story :D

I'm voting hippos as well ;)
January 06 2017 16:46:46
GrooveEnth Yeah, at the very end you can hear one of the spiders running away back up his thread. They'd never admit it but I think they know the hippos had them outclassed this time around :P +1
Ok i'll vote...hummm, can't decide.....they both got the sweet moves induced by a sweeter bass and key jam:Y
nice one Neil! love the N Young harmonica Piper threw in!
January 06 2017 17:25:52
GrooveEnth Ever the diplomat I see Jim, but you're going to have to pick a side eventually! :) +1
January 06 2017 17:29:12
Leftdaloops1019 hey I can't help it if I'm for everyone!!!:D +1
Sorry...I have to give it to the spiders:):Y
I love watching those eight legs move about:D
The hippos just look silly:P
Oh yeah....GREAT bass playing!!
January 06 2017 19:31:04
GrooveEnth Well - they do have a 2:1 advantage when it comes to shaking their thang! Thx :) +1
January 06 2017 19:34:42
mortheol have a point there:|
Perhaps it was a draw if you take that into account:)
I'd like to protest that this poll is very insensitive. I suffer from hippophobia myself. You say they're ponderous, but they can run at 20 miles per hour and are bigger than a f******g Range Rover. And they snort and have big teeth. I'll take my chances against a spider any day.+1
January 07 2017 09:24:20
GrooveEnth It's true, you _really_ don't want to piss off a hippo. Which, err, has nothing to do with my choice. +0
bom trabalho, GrooveEnth+1
January 21 2017 02:24:38
francisco al
GrooveEnth Obrigado - eu sempre aprecio suas amáveis palavras :) Você também pode desfrutar #96081 and #96067 :) +0
very good :)+1
February 05 2017 10:09:55
GrooveEnth thx :) +0
Yes it's Fred's style!!+1
February 16 2017 13:50:10
GrooveEnth Yep - he's skittery all right. I rather like that at 2:16 you can hear Fred look around in a bit of a panic then quickly slide back up his thread! :) +1
Like it!+1
February 16 2017 13:48:17
GrooveEnth Thanks Frankie. This was a bit of silliness - #94416 is a slightly more serious take on the same theme :) +0
Your description of the song set this up really well. Some of the lines during the breaks and at the end were comical and made me smile. Great job.+1
February 11 2018 13:18:52
GrooveEnth Thanks-that was very much the intended effect! I can't listen to this without seeing those hippos prancing around :) +1
Got me moving:) Groove :) I love this :)<3+1
September 08 2018 21:39:01
GrooveEnth haha - yeah I had fun with this! Always room for a remix! :) +0

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