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A masterful creation by Jim and Pewi. I tried to add layers of airiness under their lines with some accents as their variations build.


January 07 2017 22:37:13
abuitremorem Great as you integrate your sax and support the flute. I was wondering if you could do something like that and got an answer from you. Thank you :)+1
January 08 2017 00:28:27
Itocpogo Thanks so much, Ake! Yes, I could do that if you wanted me to support you or others. On Wiki we all decide how we will play. On other sites the creator wants a specific part and I enjoy that too. I find Wiki is the best because all encourage each other and what is important is making music with friends. Let me know if I can support your track. +0
January 07 2017 17:08:22
GemmyF pretty Cool Dan!:D+1
January 07 2017 17:59:34
Itocpogo Thank You very much Jim. I am so fascinated by your composition and playing on this track! There are so many different directions it can go and I would have loved to hear you band and sax player's version! +1
January 07 2017 18:19:21
GemmyF he is good! the drummer would have never let us play a song like this--all had to be beat crazy! LOL!!!! Well I take it back that first drummer (the guy in the video) could have rally done good with this.
You might consider a 2nd version with this.
I was thinking a real kind of closely intertwined play with PEWI, pardon the expression, like you were in the throws of a long afternoon love session.....I know I know but's it the only way I can describe what I was thinking.On this piece your tone and closeness is somewhat remote with your effects and probably eq, what if you were in the RAW, like the before mentioned, unmentionable, and you and PEWI's tones were equal and uhhh, really intermingling. Excuse me "hey Honey....." OK back, but hopefully I conveyed the feel of what could be a totally different play here---would be a different song. We also picked up a flute player in my band, and sometimes the sax and flute under my goading would roll around under the covers(so to speak--No one really in control, but both in harmony) Of course I DID NOT use that analogy in the practice room as the flute player was a female(we didn't have much "locker room" talk. Anyway I hope you're warm enough...I just want to hibernate.....
January 08 2017 00:41:04
Itocpogo Yeah Jim, I would enjoy playing RAW with Pewi on a song you choose! +1
January 08 2017 00:47:35
GemmyF Could ya, would ya, try it with this one? with Pewi and me and the Raw you
January 07 2017 16:43:34
Pewi Hi Dan, I am very impressed by the way you insert the saxophone into this track. You amplify the mood quite fantastically! I notice that you have a lot of experience on your instrument!:)+1
January 07 2017 17:57:33
Itocpogo Thank You for such nice words and for listening, Pewi! You have excellent technique and control of your flute playing that I find very creative and inspiring. I was so inspired by how your lead enhanced Jim's theme! +1
January 06 2017 21:52:42
frankyguitar Just Excellent Dan! This Is so good and so thight At the template, great! :)+1
January 07 2017 01:17:35
Itocpogo Thank You Franky for listening, I appreciate it very much! +1
January 06 2017 19:41:25
Stef Precious and complex your work of finishing and support in this exciting track! Surely it's easier to launch into solos! Excellent job Dan! :)+1
January 07 2017 01:13:25
Itocpogo Thanks so much Stef for listening and your kind words! +0
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