Little Sunshine.

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Some songs just make grey cold and dark day much brighter and more full of hope for tomorrow. This is one of them. :) I added a bass and a "3-finger picking guitar" to this wonderful and lovely song by Balfo and Alice. As underlying a beat I used Mr.Tighttimes cabassa #543 I have never played any kind of Country music in my time with music but I think this kind of finger picking technique which is quite new to ...


francisco al
bom trabalho, ficou legal+1
January 21 2017 03:18:33
francisco al
Peterpingo Thanks my friend. :) +0
Yes man i like it, this touch of country! Very good work, thank you Peter!:)+1
January 08 2017 16:27:26
Peterpingo Thank you very much dear Peter. It was really fun to make this add. I´m just not that much og a "Country-boy" though. So to speak. :D This is my very first experience with that music style. +1
I appreciate your add very much Peter, thank's a lot!+1
January 08 2017 13:33:04
Peterpingo Thanks Balfo. This song and the whole story behind (both of them) is so nice and life-affirming. It was a great pleasure and an honor to get the chance to make an add for this great song and composition. I´m very glad you like the result. :) +1
Time flies, I remembered I was so happy that day I've sung this song, after spent a day with my newborn granddaugther, the day feel so bright, just like this morning when I listen to this beautiful track from you Peter! you thicken up the country sweet joyful feel from Balfo guitar, Thank you so much...+1
January 07 2017 23:29:25
Peterpingo Thanks Alice. Your happiness from that day really shines through this wonderful song. Just listen to it makes the sun shine inside you. But to play along and make an add was like being in the center of that sunny day. And well my own son turns 18 this year so I guess that "being a granny-thing" is something I will meet myself in a not so far future. :) <3 +0
WoW!! Fantastic Peter! You are wearing a wonderful new dimension to this extraordinary track! :)+1
January 07 2017 22:31:17
Peterpingo Thank you Stef. Hehe I didn´t know how it turned out when I started. But I think it got a little Country feeling which is a new style to me. (to play of course). :D +1
Major 3rd
crisp fresh sound!!!! super work Peter as always!!! love that sound you nice...awesome ADD!!!! totally+1
January 07 2017 22:25:25
Major 3rd
Peterpingo Thanks Craig. I´m all blushing. But so glad to read your comment. Thanks and thanks and thanks. ;) +1
January 07 2017 22:27:07
Major 3rd
Major 3rd :D +0
great Great GREAT PETER!+1
January 07 2017 21:43:11
Peterpingo Hehe. Thank you so much friend. I really had a great time making this add. :) Your comment is much appreciated. +1
Great job Peter :)+1
January 07 2017 21:36:52
Peterpingo Thanks Mario. :) +1

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