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Just the right thing to practice! Thank you "Tofzegrit" and "Bothem"


Excellent my friend.
I didn't expect this and that's why Wikiloops is awesome, thanks to people like you!!!
Bravo and merci
January 08 2017 21:02:09
Pewi I am glad that I could surprise you and thank you for this motivating track:D +0
Great addition my friend Peter! "Jethro Tull" perfum here!!!! so good!!!+2
January 08 2017 21:03:45
Pewi Thanks for the always nice words:) +0
You are amazing Peter :)+1
January 08 2017 21:02:55
Pewi I'm very glad you like it!B) +0
Großartig Peter, genau wie João sagt!! Tolles JT feeling! Standest Du auf einem Bein ? ;)+1
January 08 2017 21:06:35
Pewi Du meinst so flamingomässig? Ich habe das tatsächlich schon versucht(vor 30 Jahren;)). Vielen Dank für den Besuch. +1
Well Peter. When I´m listening to your adds it strikes me that I´m glad I´m a single guy. If I had a wife screaming something in the kitchen I would probably not answer her while listening to you. You leave me speechless again and again. This is GREAT. :)+1
January 08 2017 21:10:49
Pewi Thank you for the great compliment!
(By the way, I still work on track 93250:o)
January 08 2017 22:59:04
Peterpingo Sounds really interesting. I look very much forward to hear that. But that screaming smiley? Is it a tough one? A bad key for you perhaps? +1
January 13 2017 16:33:21
Pewi Hi Peter.
No, it's not the key, that's no problem. But when I play it, it sounds very full. I feel it does not need anything else
January 13 2017 18:47:41
Peterpingo Ok. I´m sorry you have that problem Peter. :) But I know the feeling (believe me). I often have to leave a project I´m working on for a while (at least 10 minuttes or more :D ) Often when I hear it again it´s more clear what´s wrong with the track. :) +1
sounds great+1
January 08 2017 21:11:08
Pewi Thanks a lot! +1
Ohne Deine Flöte hätte ich nicht gemerkt, wie gut dieser Track wirklich ist. Und beim 2. Hören merke ich, wie ich mich bei der Einleitung auf Deine Flöte freue. Tönt super :)+1
January 13 2017 16:34:31
Pewi Ja, ist ein cooles Stück Musik. Danke für das wirklich grosse Kompliment, vielen Dank!!:) +0
Tof you are a great musician either guitar or bass guitar, great job all of you guys!!! :)+1
Love your relaxed lines building toward your wondeful expressive articulated playing at 2:20! Great, my friend!+1
February 03 2017 13:23:23
Pewi Thanks Dan! I greatly appreciate your constructive words:) +0
bonito, Pewi. bom trabalho+1
April 02 2017 11:33:08
francisco al
Pewi Agradeço-lhe para audição e as amáveis palavras.:) +0

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