Love has got a hold of you

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United States
Vocals, acoustic Guitar & Drums:
solozolo427 jams
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Cool Jam!+1
Sounds good.
Got that John Mellencamp feel.
I like the Rhythm Duet between vocals and guitar, this "straight on" way is very effective ! tapping feet !+1
nice sound, good voice! I guess this is a steel guitar? do you record in one run? or multi track?+0
January 11 2017 21:51:10
solozolo I just play in front of a mic and play with an Auditorium Acoustic guitar... Then add drums in daw...and tweak the live recording ;) +1
Loves got a hold a hold on you
You seem to be lost and confused
Life goes round round and round
And where it stops know body knows but you
Well love got a hold a hold on you sure do a number on you
Life goes round round and round
Where it stops you only know take the stars from up above
Let the light shine down on you
Because life goes round round and round where it stops only you know
Because love can play funny games
And love can hold you down
Love can ruin your glory days and love will bring you down
Love goes round and round where it stops only you know
When you hear the birds outside and see all the trees moving side to side
Look up above into the sky and let the sun shine down on you
Because love love love will pull a nasty game on you
The world goes round round and round now where it stops only you know
Round and round round you go so confuse from the love you know
But it stops going round and round round
Only you know
I said round round round round round round it will stop only you will know
I said love love got a hold on you round round round
I said love got a hold on you
Round round round where it stops know buddy knows
Spinning round where it goes

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