Corvus - Anthem 2017

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phonix1145 jams
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Hey Wikiloopers, This is a trance production made today, has an uplifting anthem riff style to it - inspired from 90s trance riffs! Looking for some vocals, guitar, woodwinds or what ever instrument you think would be able to provide some great fills into the track. All instruments tuned to 432hz for universal resonance :D Corvus - Anthem 2017 (Original Mix) Key G / Minor - 432hz 128BPM-135BPM Looking forward to seeing what the wikiloopers can add to it! :)
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trance, progressive, EDM, dance, corvus


Loving your work! Awesome!+0
Major 3rd
wow! super good! love it+1
January 19 2017 06:18:23
Major 3rd
phonix11 thanks Major :D +1

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