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I was 13... :) Only the outro I added a bit Blondie lead :D


Klingt richtig gut!! :D , bin gespannt wenn Du was mit Mikro und Tonabnehmer aufzeichnest, freu mich schon drauf.+1
January 22 2017 13:01:25
frankyguitar Dankeschön Hartmut, kommt bestimmt bald :) +1
Hi Franky, die Klampfe klingt wirklich hervorragend! Ich glaube, ihr zwei gehört zusammen:) (dein erstes Date mit 13......)+1
January 14 2017 14:08:48
frankyguitar Vielen Dank Peter !! :) Ein bisschen mit dem eq nachgeholfen;) aber stimmt schon, für das schmale Geld klingt sie wirklich prima und macht auch viel Spaß :D +1
Hallo Freanky - super gemacht. Ich teile die Meinung von Gary :D. Das Geschenk Deiner Frau tönt wirklich sehr gut. Ich nehme an, das erste Date hattest Du schon mit ihr. Vorsicht bei der Antwort;)+1
January 14 2017 09:42:42
frankyguitar Guten Morgen René, ja Dankeschön, freut mich sehr das es Dir gefällt! :) Es macht auch wirklich Spaß mit ihr zu spielen. Bei nächster Gelegenheit nehme ich mal mit dem Mikrofon auf. Zu Deinem letzten Satz, da ich mich nicht selbst belasten muß verweigere ich die Aussage :D +1
Fank, a very nice song and wonderful playind:)
I like the story and I read some of your comments. I think most of us can remember our first date and that first kiss:|;):):D:Y:W<3
January 14 2017 09:38:05
frankyguitar Thank you very much Ron !!! We need only a very small input to remember and imagine all the things they happend sometimes.
Thanx my friend. Not really clear playing, but it was a cool exercise for me :)
great Franky supersound ,fantastic my friend :)+1
January 14 2017 09:28:06
frankyguitar Muchas graçias Xavi :)
You really a good friend and supporter, thanx very much :)
Super good Franky.
Sounds like it was a very good first date.
Ending sounds like you had to change your underwear when you got home.
January 14 2017 02:02:35
frankyguitar LOL :D Maybe here reading kids...... pssst :)
Thanx very much Gary :)
Hey Franky. This is great man! I love the whole style and personal touch you put into it. Very cool :)+1
January 14 2017 01:48:50
frankyguitar Hello James, thanx very much !!
I'm very pleased you like it :)
I think everyone has such unforgettable memories !! :D
and sometimes it comes to the surface, a smell, a view, or a word.... whatever it is... it's great
I was waiting the end and PaaaaF, :)
Big Smile!
It's like you were playing close to me. Each time there is a "?" in your playing I guess a wince on your face but the main feeling is : I can listen what there is in your head.
Such a great composition, I especially like the color of chords in the "chorus" section (01:17)
January 14 2017 01:03:32
frankyguitar Thanx very much Chris !! :) A wonderful thoughtful comment and very nice compliment !! :)

The end ? Yes, it could suggest it was a disaster, but correct is, it ends in a wild kissing :D :D oh yeah, first kissing LOL. I never will forget it .....
January 14 2017 01:30:55
Tofzegrit souvenirs souvenirs :D +1
January 14 2017 01:39:13

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