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Great track from GrooveEnth that I wanted to be in, but couldn't hear what to do. Kimbo to the rescue. Not exactly what I had in matter. Weak beginning from me but hopefully gets better. Thanks for listening.


Lenny Cowler
January 17 2017 21:37:13
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. Not my best, but I guess I just needed to post this for some reason. +0
Great sax Wade, editing or not, sounds great !! :)+1
January 17 2017 21:36:31
Wade Thanks Franky, very kind of you. Encouragement is a double edged sword: helps me with confidence...also lets me get away with posting less than my best tracks. +1
January 17 2017 22:33:23
frankyguitar I do not think it is about only making the best tracks. If that is the case, I should not publish anything here ....
It's about to have fun and maybe learn. Sure, every musician try want to make great music. But who say this is good and this not ?? Music is a most personally thing. :)
Cheers my friend....
Smiles....can hear you enjoying it.
Know I did
January 17 2017 21:34:58
Wade Well, it's always a treat to play with (against?) you. Not sure I did this much justice, but certainly enjoyed your enthusiasm. +0
always great to hear that wonderful sax of yours drawing the line in the song Wade, other thing that I like about your play is you know when to stay low , let it all out..and that beginning part sounds sweet to my ears+2
January 17 2017 21:34:15
Wade Too kind! Not my best, but you are very sweet to look on the bright side. +0
Fantastic Wade :)+1
January 17 2017 21:33:11
Wade Thanks Xavi. Your listen was appreciated. +1
Yeah, the pairing of you two worked just great... a fantastic groove. The lone sax lead ups are so cool :)+1
January 17 2017 21:32:49
Wade Thanks Mr B. Just felt I was a bit hesitant and not really 100%. Glad you like. +0
It's undeniable that your sax is an added value that sparkles and do shine every track! But incredible is your ability to get in and out in perfect moments creating a wonderful dynamism! Fantastic playing Wade!+2
January 15 2017 22:43:44
Wade OK, it's confession time. I play a lot more than what you hear knowing that I'm going to edit out a lot of stuff. As a jammer I often need to keep a continuing line so that I'm not flummoxed by a bad entry. Editing out is easy...adding is very difficult as the mood, volume timbre and everything can change with each playing. So, I'm also guilty of playing too much, but know to edit out the crap and make it sound OK. It gets more difficult when playing live. Then I have to let the music "breathe" and hope that my entry is OK. +2
Nice spacy song! Cool track wade! :) :)+1
January 15 2017 22:36:55
Wade Cheers Frenzie. Glad you like. +1
Great way to end the weekend :) Thanks so much for adding to this Wade. As usual your playing takes it to a place I wouldn't have imagined. The blend with Kimbo is fantastic. :Y :Y+1
January 15 2017 22:36:26
Wade Thanks GrooveEnth. Certainly all due to your fine template. I may return to this at some time as I'd really rather just play with the bass and come up with something very different. +1
January 16 2017 00:18:39
GrooveEnth That would definitely be interesting to hear. For now I've been listening to this on repeat for 30 minutes :) +1

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