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So beautiful,my friend :) I love it+1
January 16 2017 03:09:39
mortheol Thanks Xavi my good friend:)
Sorry I have been away:| I had bad computer issues once again. I lost all my music software:(
I am back up and running again:D
January 16 2017 03:24:45
ivax Sorry, my friend, this is bad news, I hope you can retrieve the files +1
January 16 2017 14:45:34
mortheol Thank you very much Bryan:) +0
saw you comment to Xavi. Hate that!!!!
Thought I was have a bad drive last week!
I copied off about 150 gigs once I got it to mount. And threw that stuff away-- Think I had too much on my drive. Think you should leave 30 or 20% free.

Like the Verse and love the music, really pretty!:D
January 16 2017 14:49:35
mortheol Thanks VERY MUCH Jim:)
My issue has been the wonderfully new Windows 10 OS. Yeah what a brilliantly fine piece of software that is:(
"It" just knows better and is self aware of what I need or want:P
Let's hope Microsoft never makes airplanes, they will just keep rebooting and crashing:o
January 16 2017 18:48:15
Leftdaloops1019 ahhhh I guess Bill Gates knows stuff about you and decided to give you some hell. +1
A beautiful piece.
January 16 2017 14:42:26
mortheol Thanks Gary, I hope it brought you some "Chill":) +0
January 16 2017 20:13:17
garymcmill Indeed. Very peaceful. +0
very nice:)+1
January 16 2017 14:41:56
Lenny Cowler
mortheol Hi Lenny, I appreciate you listening:)
Thank you!!
Wonderful peaceful guitar Ron !! Fine playing as well my friend, really enjoyed this work from you !! :)+1
January 16 2017 14:41:04
mortheol Thanks my Dear Friend!!;):)
Part of my mission here on the loops is to bring just a little peace if I can.
OH OH - sounds super Ron. Good luck with the computer.:)+1
January 16 2017 14:39:43
mortheol Rene, vielen Dank mein Freund.:)
Das macht mich wirklich glücklich.:D
He is back... and with a super Track:D very cool Ron:D+1
January 16 2017 14:33:31
mortheol Thanks David:)
Yes "Mortheol Studios" suffered another blow from those evil Microsoft Demons:o:(
This last go around almost pushed me over the edge with computers!!!
I am hobbling along for now.
Stunningly beautiful Ron !! :)+1
January 16 2017 14:28:33
mortheol Thank you Rob:)
And a BIGGER Thank You for your wonderful add to this:D
So beautiful! :)+1
January 16 2017 14:19:38
mortheol Thank you very much Martina:) +0

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