Rhythm Of The Storm (Drums)

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Composed a little drums with Jane's lyrics to "Rhythm Of The Storm" in mind. I set the Metronome to 80 bpm 4/4. Please feel free to join in with whatever your talent may be. There is a link to the lyrics: https://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=1355 Thanks for listening Bill


Cool drum play !!!+1
January 25 2017 06:35:00
2underpar Thanks Chris. Hopefully it's something folks can work with. +0
Excellent tub thumpin there!!+1
January 24 2017 17:44:21
2underpar Thanks Ron. I turned up the bass mic a little to enhance the feel of the lyrics (if that makes any sense). +0
I'm really good at nose picking!!!!
Wow these are perfect drums for that!!!

LOL! JK!!!!! I'd been sick for 3 or 4 days I'm starting to feel better--thus mu JACKING with ya Bill.

Tight playing. I like it. Maybe I'll try guitar picking, though I not as goo at that as the previously mentioned talent!:D
January 24 2017 04:49:30
2underpar I read the lyrics as I played in order to keep a flow going. And I added an extra bridge near the end. You may also notice the tempo picks up a little after the first minute (even though I was listening to the metronome) but I left it as is and figured it still worked. This is the first time I ever tried to produce something with reading lyrics alone. I actually worked on this quite a bit but felt that it was a challenge and stuck with it and worked on it in between my trips. Glad you are feeling better. As long as you are picking something, that's all that matters... +1
January 24 2017 04:52:34
GemmyF yeah don't feel like picking the axe as this thing I've got is full of body aches, chills, fever, body aches, shortness of breathe...It will be great to feel"normal" again--as much as a 60yr old can feel normal! +1
January 24 2017 05:13:01
2underpar I told my father not long ago that the one piece of advice he should have given me as a young lad was "never get old". LOL. +1

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