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aleonz477 jams

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Got my time to play after a rough week, sorry if I hit some false notes (I hope not), I thought maybe it's on C (please correct me if I'm wrong). This still far from complete, hope to see you join in with your idea, I added my little solo in the middle, but I strip all the lead in HD (except the intro part). and if you wanna replace the beat, please inbox me. Thank you for listening, and Have ...
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Aleonz, pop, vocal


Super super great Alice !! You always give us such great gifts of song :)+1
January 29 2017 21:51:01
aleonz Thank you very much Chris! so happy to read your words +0
Marcelo D
How can you be soooooo sweet my dear Alice? You are such a wonderful artist and talent.
You played and composed wonderful keys here. The harmonies are complex and with perfect structure.
The drums are also perfect for the song.
I love your work. I already listen to this many times in a row.
Thank you for your music. S2 love it
January 29 2017 18:18:46
Marcelo D
aleonz got to thank you for always encouraging me to do it, well I learn much from you , always great to have the review from you celo dear :) +0
A wonderful work Alice. Can listen to this track again and again ... thank you:)+1
January 29 2017 18:16:53
aleonz Peter! so happy to know that! thank you so much +1
francisco al
ótimo, aleonz+1
January 29 2017 18:16:35
francisco al
aleonz Thank you so much Francisco! +0
lovely song Al!!!! <3 I only listen beautiful music, no false notes at all!!!! :)+1
January 29 2017 18:16:16
aleonz Joao! muito obrigado! +0
Lenny Cowler
excellent track with your fantastic singing:)+1
January 29 2017 18:16:01
Lenny Cowler
aleonz Thank you very much Lenny! +1
James D
January 29 2017 18:15:48
James D
aleonz Thank you James! +0
wonderful Song Alice ;o)+1
January 29 2017 18:15:32
aleonz Thank you very much Ulo +1
Whooo!! Nice nice nice.. I love your choirs! And the wonderfully sensitive piano! Well done, al!+1
January 29 2017 18:15:19
aleonz offfocus! thank you so much for listening! +0
Got a little toe tappin going on here, excellent Alice!!+1
January 29 2017 18:14:46
aleonz Thank you so much Bothen! +0

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