Not A Day Without You

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Still a melodic theme and thanks again to Dafunkydrummer for its wonderful slow drums track. Rhodes and Hammond with solo of Hammond in the end HD track is minus solo Hammond to leave more room for other solos. I hope in your adds and thanks for listening
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francisco al
muito bonito, Stef. bom trabalho, Stef+1
February 05 2017 15:45:33
francisco al
Stef Muito obrigado Francisco! +0
this soulful track really touch the heart Stef! what a sweet emotion you lay on Klaus excellent drums! beautiful!+1
January 29 2017 22:52:42
Stef Thanks a lot dear Alice for these beautiful words! :) +0
great my dear friend :)+1
January 29 2017 22:20:07
Stef Danke dear Andrea! :) :) +0
Nice template Stef! The solo at the end is great :)+1
January 29 2017 22:19:49
Stef Thank you so much Jason! :) +1
Another fine track from DfD's lovely drum track. Must be 12 by now? Keep them coming! Each explores a different feel and has it's own musical integrity. This one feels like a lullaby. So sweet.+1
January 29 2017 22:19:07
Stef It 's true Wade! I lost count but I think I could do a double album with all the melodic songs that I published with this perfect drums track. The melody is a big gym because it helps me not to forget that into any track, even hard rock, there is always a story that must be told. When rhythm, technique and melody blend at the best then perhaps i'm close to the finish line. It 'a search for musical equilibrium that never ends and you feel stronger with age. At least that's what happens to me. Thank you so much. +1
January 30 2017 06:18:59
Wade Very good analysis. The only bit I'm not sure about is feeling stronger with age. Maybe that depends on one's age. At 70 I'm certainly not stronger, but hanging in there. Ha! It's now a race between the deteriorating mind and the deteriorating body to see which one cuts me off first. +1
January 30 2017 06:56:53
Stef I'm convinced that music keeps alive the mind. It would be nice if there was a medicine just as healthy for the body. +1
January 30 2017 19:59:34
Wade Physical work and good food seem pretty good so far. Life is finite, and that's OK. Might even encourage us to not put things off and live to the maximum each day! +1
Marcelo D
Superb keys. Your hammond sound is a bless Stef.
It feels like a hug my friend.
Gotta love it :)
January 29 2017 18:54:06
Marcelo D
Stef Dear Marcelo, muito obrigado amigo! :) +1
January 29 2017 18:54:42
Marcelo D
Marcelo D De nada :) +1
Yes, everything already written ... Thank you Stef for your music!:)+1
January 29 2017 18:53:12
Stef Thanks a lot my dear Peter! :) +0
Lenny Cowler
Yes!!!Fantastic play, with great feeling:)+1
January 29 2017 18:52:45
Lenny Cowler
Stef Thank you so much Brother! :) +0
Nice mellow track :)+1
January 29 2017 18:52:23
Stef Thank you so much schwaglr! :) +0
super nice jam Stef :)+1
January 29 2017 18:51:55
Stef Dear Chris, thank you so much! :) +0

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