funny stuf train (j76)

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funny stuf template.... if you like jump in...:) - tempo variable...


... these trains going from slow to fast, nice play!! and go from fast to slow ... very inventive!! :)+1
January 28 2017 22:38:57
jjdf Thanks Harmuth, I do appreciate your kind words! :) Yeah, slow to fast to slow, its funny... +1
Excellent fun play here jj... you have got this style down masterfully :)+1
January 28 2017 22:40:24
jjdf Thanks my friend Psy!!! :) I'm grateful... +1
Wonderfully played JJ!!+1
January 28 2017 22:41:58
jjdf Thanks Bothen!!! :) I do appreciate... +0
In your every track it seems to breathe the scent of spring and feel the warmth of the sun. This is really delicious with these changes of pace. Great Joao! :)+1
January 28 2017 22:47:09
jjdf I do really appreciate your kind compliment and your way to describe what yours ears are listen. You are brilliant doing that. Thank you very much my dear friend Stef!!!! :):) +0
Love lines like 0:25-0:27 uou play throught that reminds me of the train wherls changing speed. Very creative, could be a train symphony!+1
January 28 2017 22:59:55
jjdf thanks Dan for carefully to listen this tune, I do appreciate your kind words. :D :D train symphony.. yeah, nice name :D, really you are the creative one.. :D :D +0
Fantastic jj!+1
February 03 2017 22:34:13
jjdf Thanks Frankie ! You are so Kindle! +1
Fantastic Joäo :) very good+1
February 03 2017 22:39:49
jjdf Thanks my friend Xavi! You are so kind! +1
<3 <3 <3
lovely Music ;o)
February 03 2017 09:00:15
jjdf Thanks Ulo! +0
February 03 2017 22:40:49
jjdf Thanks my friend Ulo! You are so kind!:) +0
Definitif on my to do list! I listen to your pleasure in guitar playing.:)+1
February 03 2017 22:44:35
jjdf Thanks my friend Peter! I already heard your fantastic add! Thanks for joining me ...!:):| +1
muito bom, João. essa possui uma progressão que anima mesmo+1
February 03 2017 22:46:39
francisco al
jjdf Obrigado meu amigo! É uma pequena brincadeira com a guitarra! :D 😎😆 +0

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