Workin for the Machine

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...while navigating through the labyrinth of Underground Caverns, Andrew discovers the entrance to the Steam Chambers. The Humanoids here, regrettably, have forsaken their earthly souls to work for the Machine. Their sanity now sustained only by the echoes of the Guitars playing in the lofts above. Sound Effect Contributors: [url=]MadamVicious[/url] [url=]Acclivity[/url] [url=]Gadzooks[/url] [url=]Lupalenzuela[/url] [url=]Sniperous[/url] [url=]VictorFox[/url] [url=]Benboncan[/url]
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rock, dungeon, dark, underground


francisco al
bom trabalho, MusicWorx+0
OK, we found a SUBJECT! VERY NICE!+0
January 31 2017 02:36:32
MusicWorx thx Doctor, Subject?...if I get you right, yes it is part of my story line. I was struggling with putting together some songs...what I was lacking was Story! so I came up with the idea of Andrew and his journeys...discovering new musicians and instruments in different Djembe in the Savannas for eg. workin on that...anyway, this guy says it best...
Incredible mix !!
Love what you made my friend !!
January 30 2017 16:09:12
MusicWorx Glad you like it Arno...this is another chapter in the story of "the Beating Hearts of our Nature". We follow Andrew on his journey throughout the lands as he searches for Musicians to invite to the Wold Jamboree. The festival will celebrate and give blessing to the gift of Music we all have. +1
Some story!! :D :D :D Well played and mixed! :)+0
January 30 2017 16:05:31
MusicWorx Thanks for the compliment eGil, I am having fun putting together this story without words that I am workin on. +1
Lenny Cowler
very good:)+0
January 30 2017 16:04:02
Lenny Cowler
MusicWorx thanks Lenny, I started out simply to try and add a percussion trak, and, Oh NO! look what happened!B) +1
Wow what an interesting track! Well done. Love the story, too. "...have forsaken their earthly soles" - so basically they work barefooted for the machines?? :D :D :D+1
January 30 2017 09:18:57
MusicWorx ...nice catch there TG, perhaps I should not have gone back and fixed my typo...that was kinda funny, and metaphorical too! +1
January 30 2017 09:30:44
TeeGee lol yes you should have left it that way, it was kind of funny :D +0
This sounds very mystical and mysterious ... I like it very much ;o)+0
January 30 2017 09:21:30
MusicWorx thanks Uloisius, I was not sure where I was going with this one till I got into it, then the the story came to me, then I completed the piece with the story in mind. +1
...I have also added the additional Guitar Track Arnosolo posted while I was doin this remix...

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