Why i hate walls ?

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Some spooken words inspired by this excellent track. talking about Berlin, and about bad memories that the news awake in me
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February 01 2017 21:16:30
ERWAN thanks Friend. your Saxophone put me in the mood of a detective novel. reason why i try the jam with spooken words (as the old detective who talks about his states of mind). +0
February 01 2017 21:21:34
ERWAN Thanks David! your track is superbly well balanced. a real pleasure to hear in the headphones with the lights off in the room +1
Really awesome "A pure evil concep. to harm humans, that's all it was..." . Thumbs (no Trump!!) ;)+1
February 01 2017 21:32:54
ERWAN thanks GlezBass , I reply longer on the Jam 97018 thank for your add +1
Cool concept. Brings back memories of when I was a young Intelligence Analyst running around D.C. like I owned the place. Great job.+1
February 01 2017 21:25:32
ERWAN Thank you. We seem to have the same past experiences... to return to the present, the drum section gives pulsation to all of the jam. Real great great job man! +1
Excellent concept well delivered. While referring to the current "wall" controversy it avoids direct political comment by only referring back to Berlin. Very smart, but certainly dancing on the edge. It's a difficult situation however with this site dedicated to non political [strictly musical] collaborations, yet so much art and music is based on the convictions of people against what they perceive as evil. We have also seen less subtle comments by members who are Trump supporters. I'm sure that the vast majority here are not Trump supporters, which makes it even more difficult for us to have compassion for that minority and keep them feeling comfortable in being here as brothers in music. It may also be that it's completely consistent with those Trump supporter's concepts for the USA to be isolated. Rather than polarizing and isolating those people it may be as important for the rest of the world to keep those avenues of communication open in the hope that reason and understanding will prevail.

No matter what I like what you've done and the way you've handled presenting your feelings as an artistic statement.
February 02 2017 22:19:09
ERWAN thanks for your feed back Wade,I understand and i'll fix the problem +1
February 03 2017 11:30:09
Dick Well, to offer my opinion on the matter: From my point of view, it is not only allowed but even desireable that artists express their thoughts and feelings in their contemporary times.
That is (in my books) one major responsebility of those creating art, and as long as there is no explicit call for violence or hate (and I found none at all in this particular track), I cannot see why we should in any way censor such statements.
During the US presidential campaign, there were several musical contributions expressing quite diverse feelings about each of the candidates, and we managed to keep that exchange of opinions strictly on the artistic/musical channel, while successfully avoiding any useless opinion battles in the written part of wikiloops (comments/forum).
I do understand and share Wades point that it is crucial to keep communication channels open, but one must be carefull not to pay too high of a price, and self-censorship is a high price.
The lyrics here are personal, and reflecting on the past experience of the author as recalled in the current situation.
If someone feels "now, these people on wikiloops do not want to communicate with me, the trump supporter" because of this lyric, then that would be sad and somehow plain wrong, because that is obviously not the message sent here.
If there is a problem to fix, then it can't be found in this track if you ask me. Let's please not stop saying what needs to be said.
On a personal note: We germans have quite a lot of historical experience in what happens if no one dares or cares to speak up as long as that is still possible.
February 03 2017 19:23:31
Wade Thanks Richard. Really glad you happened to see/hear this one. Also was thinking very seriously about the similarities between today's USA and 1930s Germany in terms of making one's country "great", blaming others, and taking steps of expedience for the sake of establishing absolute power. Only question is how long before the "internal enemies" are listed and gathered up as potential terrorists and traitors? +1
by reading Wade I understand that
even if the text has no political matter, it can be disruptive to our musicians fellow living in the USA. I propose to put my JAM in sleep mode until the news become quieter for all of us.

I definitively don't find the way to cancel this jam without loosing the job done by Glezbass (jam 97018). Glez don't donwload the single track containing his bass line.
I ask Dick for a solution , so job is in progress .
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