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I made a little adjustment to the track. To make the bass line a little more clear I added the bass track one more time. I heightened the volume level a bit, enhanced the stereo effect and added quite (a lot) more bass in the EQ. Hope this will give a more clear picture. ;)


Definite improvement...sounded great btw but you achieved what you were after with this..Nice n full, clear! nice work!! wish i could get such a nice bass sound... cheers! IN short the bass here = awesome!+1
February 02 2017 11:49:46
Major 3rd
Peterpingo Thank you very much Craig. I think it´s often qiute hard to make a soundt on a track with few instrument (and song) in a way that it would not kind of "drown" when other instrument are added. Some times you wish you had all the single tracks together to reset some of the levels. :) +1
February 02 2017 23:00:50
Major 3rd
Major 3rd so true!!!! I know what you mean....;o) then i get the trouble of the fact garage band only allows so many tracks at +0
Peter, a wonderful bass line, clear sound and nice line ;)+1
February 02 2017 11:42:13
Peterpingo Heh. Thank you very much Mario. I´m very proud og that comment coming from mr. Bass and mr. bass-sound himself. ;) +0
I hear this track straight with headphones. Absolutely good work. Wonderful clear sound levels!:)+1
February 04 2017 03:37:24
Peterpingo Thanks Peter. :) There was a little problem with the bass after Panpot made his great drum-add. He was right. The bass kind of disappeared. I´m glad I followed his advice and made the bass a little more clear. Thanks for your like and comment friend. +0
You made a great adjustment, it's good to hear that lovely bass line more on the surface, thank you once again for all your works, it's a beautiful gift for the song Peter!+0
February 02 2017 23:48:21
Peterpingo Thanks Alice. I´m very glad you like the result and my work. But it is indeed at the same time a great joy and source to happiness having the opportunity to create music with such talented AND wonderful people as you "guys". :) THX +0
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