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I love so much that piano track, I spent a wonderful time trying to find words, harmonies and a melody... tried to keep the spirit and started writing with that idea of 'inner song' (the original title), a strange story appeared, step by step while I was recording. Now I'm going to go and listen what the others sang on this so good track ! :)


Heavenly voices<3+0
The Masterpiece. Liesching and marmotte, thank you for the theme for transforming my day into the dreams... beautiful art of music and poetry! ...and thanks, wikiloops for giving them a place for this creation and for giving us the opportunity to be near it... ;)+2
For sure, straight to the deepest inside of me ! (et non, ce n'est pas mon asshole :))
Magnifique, posé, harmonieux, comment être indifférent à ton talent
La musique a de la chance de t'avoir rencontrée
February 04 2017 21:58:03
marmotte Euh... c'est un peu exagéré mais ça me va droit au cœur ! :) +1
There are so many aspects of this that are truly amazing. Concept, lyrics, and delivery are at the highest level. The fit with Marc's fine work is beyond words. This must have been very difficult as it has so many sections and beautiful unique changes. The flow and feel match perfectly with the conflicts and resolutions. I remain enamored and amazed. I'm still trying to learn how to fly and fall.+2
February 03 2017 20:31:58
marmotte Well indeed it was not easy, that’s the funny point of it. Though I’m a lazy girl my ears and emotions reacted so strongly to this track, I had to find a way anyhow !
There are still too many defects, I probably should have waited a good digestion of the song and re-record it, it’s a step by step work and I discovered the story as I was going along, successively falling and flying… Thanks for your attention dear Mr Wade ! ;)
Major 3rd
wow, amazing vocals+1
Finalement…Le mystère de ce que les Marmottes font pendant l'hibernation ce révèle… ;)
La bruyante ''cigale du sud'' c'est fais vachement plaisir en écoutant ça, merci et quel beauté de chanson !!
February 03 2017 10:19:24
marmotte [img][/img] +2
Cool voice, very nice!+1
This is a very great song Marmotte, a very big thumb of mine.
Your short choruses and your doubles are heavenly ;o)
You are very right ... I find it also incredible how different the same template was sung, how the color of the song changes and how everything has its own aesthetic ... Wikiloops is already really cool :Y
All this shows, however, what an excellent template Liesching has conjured up ;o)
February 02 2017 22:42:18
nuno1959 That is EXACTLY what blows me away here : how different the same thing can sound depending on the adds. AWESOMELY rich.. +4
February 03 2017 12:16:39
marmotte Makes me think of a landscape : change the season, the climate, the landscape is still the same but... +2
February 04 2017 23:51:19
nuno1959 All holesome food for the soul.. ;) +1
super cool vocals :) but what else could we expect from you ?? ;)+2
So beautiful, totally beautiful... The harmonious games of excellent voices :o+1

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