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Ableton Live 9 Intro Audient ID14 Audio Interface D/I FabFilter Pro Q2 for high/low shelf on panned layers Schecter Damien Elite 7 Diamond Series 7 String guitar -EMG 81-7,EMG 85-7 -GHS Boomer heavy set strings 13 17 30 42 54 64 74 -Bb 7 string tuning (half step down/1 flat on all


February 05 2017 06:28:49
Rockzilla Cool:W+0
February 05 2017 05:35:43
SupJax reminds me of AmonAmarth Versus the World. nice rhythmic leadbackup. full sound :)+0
February 05 2017 05:54:53
Dimebag828 thanks i duplicated each recording 4 times and make one track panned 100% left,one 100$ right,one 70% left, and one 70% right. I then added a high pass and low pass filter to each layer. Made it sound so much more full I am surprised how much of a difference it made. +1
February 07 2017 16:20:52
DrStrgeglv Sometimes just the slightest offset it timing will give it whatever you want without asking. Fun to play with that and different EQ settings on each track. +1
February 07 2017 20:57:24
SupJax hard to tweak it right, if it's more than 3 tracks. everything additional deserves decent master. much easier when multitracking one and the same thing for stereo/pitching. set high frequency on 30-50% panning, 40L 60R recommended to avoid leftside drift. low mono, raw stereo. it kills the drums on volumes, if your 100%stereo has low or high frequency. mixing the other way compliments this type of drums effectively. i don't use low frequenced tracks anymore. even standard & high ones get it heavy on speakers. depends on records/noise-reduction, and it's much more friendly to other instruments, if you keep it "lazy" moderate, but not 80's-metal high :) the volume aspect is a lot more important then. still, if volumes are perfect, 10band doesn't matter at all. but hands off additional filter and compressor. cheers!! +0
February 05 2017 05:31:10
francisco al
francisco al bom trabalho de guitarra, Dimebag828+1
February 05 2017 05:33:09
francisco al
Dimebag828 gracias hombre +0
February 05 2017 05:14:41
abuitremorem Thanks for your detailed comment. I did not know these strings. So I can imagine something. Sounds great. Compliment.+1
February 05 2017 05:21:12
Dimebag828 Thank you, I love this heavy string set. They hold tension so much better when drop tuning. I am in 7 string Bb tuning on this track which is half a step down on all strings. I really like the sound it creates. +2
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