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Just a simple Bass Groove over a 100bpm Drum backing track Hope you like
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Bass, Fretless Bass, Groove, 100bpm


welcome to wikiloops :) you should have declared bass+drums on this template ;) bass a touch too far behind the drum machine ?+0
February 11 2017 17:38:52
MichaelB I have taken note of all of your comments. New file here. Bass up in the mix. Remixed the drums, I'd played to a metronome and down the drums add later. Should not be behind the drum machine because I am playing off beats. Ie using syncopation? +1
Hey Michael,
nice track !! Like Oli said. The bass a bit low :)
Welcome in wikiland :)
welcome to the loops, Michael :) I agree the bass could be louder, but that is an easy fix. Just bump it up in your mix and then upload it as a remix of this one. If you dont want to list it as drums and bass, then in your mix, just mute the drums before you make your mp3. If you want to leave the drums in, when you upload and it asks what instrument, pick the first one, then click where it says I added more than one instrument and tell it what else you added. All part of the learning curve.. I know because I am still learning from these guys :)+0
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