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This is côr, it took this whole night to write this one, and I thought I'd share it here because... this place is awesome. :) Much love, Alberto (a.k.a heinz) P.S make sure to take a look at the artwork of the video, I inspired myself in that piece:)
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piano, colors, heinzlet


Very beautiful & tasteful playing Alberto! <3 Added to my to do list :) PS, unlike my duties at home this i do with pleasure ;)+2
February 07 2017 21:54:24
heinzlet Thank you eGil! Can't wait for the groove to join in:)

P.S Being a dad must be fun, I'd fulfill my duties too. :D
Very beautiful piece, heinzlet - lovely artwork.+1
February 07 2017 19:20:16
heinzlet Thank you so much Midoru, it means a lot to md if you enjoyed this little piece:) Let's jam together somedayB) +1
Beautiful (+video)
February 07 2017 19:21:18
heinzlet Thank you so much friend, your comments are always so kind and encouraging:)

I wish you all goodness and a good dayB)
muy bonito
que sonido de piano es ese??? yo tambien lo quiero en el kontakt
February 08 2017 01:36:55
heinzlet Disculpa, un amigo había puesto algo aquí y lo tuve que borrar jajaj... es un kawai grabado con un shure sm57 con reaper/interfaz +1
Wonderful piece and colors. Loved the result. Your efforts were really worth:)+1
February 08 2017 01:20:25
Marcelo D
heinzlet Mto obrigado Marcelo, significa mto para mim que vc tenha gostado dessa musica:) Adoraria que um dia vc pudesse tocar uma melodia ou oq você quiser em cima de alguna musica minha:) E sem duvida um dia desses tentarei fazer algo com alguma das tuas musicas, gosto muito delasB) +1
February 08 2017 11:32:52
Marcelo D
Marcelo D Oi Heinz. Ainda vamos fazer muitas músicas juntos:) estou com muito trabalho e pouco tempo para tocar. Quando chego em casa vou direto dormir. Quando estou sem tempo faço mais templates do que colaborações. Sou muito cuidadoso para tocar nas faixas de outras pessoas. Gosto do trabalho bem feito. Já ouvi algumas músicas suas que tive vontade de tocar. Quando o tempo chegar vamos fazer.
Adorei o quadro é a música. É linda a pintura também. Abraços
Very nice one!+1
February 08 2017 16:31:04
heinzlet Thanks:) +1
Nice piece+1
February 09 2017 01:55:49
heinzlet thanks Gary, I am glad you liked it:) +0
muito bom e bonito. bom trabalho, heinzlet+1
February 09 2017 02:54:46
francisco al
heinzlet Obg Francisco, fico feliz sabendo que vc gostou:) +0
Listening to this beautiful song and look at the wonderful picture on the video really made my day! Beautiful track Alberto!+1
February 10 2017 07:00:36
heinzlet hey you aleonz, sing along with me one day will ya:) I'd be so happy haha:D +0
February 10 2017 07:01:16
heinzlet Alice, or aleonz... that's a cool nickname:) +1
February 10 2017 17:58:41
aleonz looking forward to play on your track, that time will come I'm sure!

You can call me Alice or Al or Aleonz, hehehe that nick from Aliceleonz my name :)
Oh, wow this is a fantastic track! With the images together a treat!+1
February 12 2017 15:08:03
heinzlet Thank you Peter! And thank you for your wonderful add:) +1
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