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Tried some funky track today..... Rhodes, piano, reed-piano, clav and a pad...... Did some EQ'ing too.... cut of some low freq... from the rhodes and reed-piano so there is a better spot for the bassrider! :) cheers and have a good weekend all! Marc ps. sorry for the mess i made with the chordsheet... gotta get some theorie lessons on how to write these down correctly! :)


Lenny Cowler
super play:)+1
March 05 2017 20:38:44
Lenny Cowler
Marceys Thanks a lot Lenny, great that you like it! :) +1
Cool Sound, Marc :). Did you cut the low frequencies a bit?+1
February 12 2017 10:18:41
Marceys Yeah, i did! Did you hear that or was it because i mentioned it?
After hearing a bass in this track i think it worked out fine!
But hearing it as a stand alone like this i am missing the low freq.....
Nice complex chords and interesting structure that fits the drums. Good use of the other keys.+1
February 12 2017 10:17:04
Marceys Thanks Wade, i like these chords! Mostly i don't think in names while i play this. When a track is done i try to find the chordnames :) +1
lol I had just heard the simonymous template with inkless add and this sounds like a completely different song! I love the electronic taste, it's a hit Marc:)+1
February 11 2017 17:35:17
Marceys Yeah, it is great to hear a very different approach on these drumpattern! Glad you like this one too! :) +0
Perfecto ! more electric taste+1
February 11 2017 09:19:13
Marceys Hey Tof, enjoyed the drums a lot! The sound really alive! A lot of dynamics! Was great to play some chords and create a structure! +0
Nice playing and chords :)
Your low frequency cut is cool. Maybe what I'm really noticing is that you placed yourself lower in the mix than usual, at least in the Part 1 sections. In those sections it seems as if I'm sitting in the same room as the drummer, but you are playing in a different room. It will be interesting to hear a bass line here.

Then again, I'm no recording engineer, as evidenced by my own tracks!

Edit: I've listened to this on a different playback system and it sounds fine. You don't sound as low in the mix in the part 1 sections through my audio interface. Equipment makes quite a difference :)
February 11 2017 09:17:38
Marceys Thanks for your feedback! Think the audiosystem is pretty important how a mix will sound indeed! When i listen in my car it is pumped with bass, my inears are very direct, overear headphones got some extra bass too. My hifi can be adjusted to almost everything and gives a clear sound. I got myself some studiomonitors too but find it hard to mix it with them, so i usually trust my overearheadphones!
Glad you like it, just listened to Mario his bassline on this track and it is way cool, he took the extra space that was created and it became a cool soundscape!
Marcelo D
Great track Marc.
Sometimes I ask myself about the low frequencies too.
I had a couple of complaints about bass players that could not add in my tracks because of the low frequencies.
I want to see the feedback from the bass players and how is going to be the final mix with the low cut on the keys.
Listening without bass I really miss the frequencies but maybe this leads to a better final mix.
I am curious about this one.
By the way the playing and the reed are specially awesome and the chord sheet seem right to me :)
February 10 2017 20:49:14
Marcelo D
Marceys Thanks Marcelo!
I was watching some YouTube video's about recording brass instruments and than there was something about the frequencies of all instruments... it's sounds likely to get a bit of lowend out of the keys... the can interfer with the bassline! Our keys have a real wide spectrum! Lot's of lows, mids and highs.....
When i play a funky clav, it is almost in the same frequency a funky rhythm guitar is... that way i would be in his way! Think panning and volume can do a lot too! :)
Have a good weekend!
February 10 2017 20:51:34
Marcelo D
GlezBass I did not have problems with low frequencies in their tracks, if there is no HD track to modify frequencies in a track, there is always the option to cut low frequencies and "fill" line with bass, so I do without much problem
For example #96539 where cut the line (very good of Cody by the way) to fill with another line of bass, could do with any instrument dedicating a time to the edition
February 10 2017 21:01:22
Marcelo D
Marceys That is true indeedd Mario! But than you are cutting off frequencies on the whole track! Also the drums and vocals gotta deal with that EQ'ing... and this way it is only on the keys... always better not to touch the other parts.... +0
February 10 2017 21:02:36
Marcelo D
Marcelo D It's a way too Mario. But maybe we can loose important low frequencies doing this, like the kick, for example.
It's a tricky choice because in some tracks, like piano and voice, sometimes the bass players don't jump and you will have the low cut for no reason.
I think that it's an option to post the low cut version in the HD track and keep one with all the frequencies.
By doing this the bass players can choose the best one to jump ;)
February 10 2017 21:05:10
Marcelo D
Marceys wise words and very true! :) +2
February 10 2017 21:08:39
Marcelo D
GlezBass According to your reflections, my solution is "homemade" when we do not work with isolated tracks, which is always the best option +2
February 10 2017 22:14:35
Marcelo D
Marceys very true Mario! :) +1
February 10 2017 22:37:12
Marcelo D
jaeusm That's interesting, Peixe, that bass players have thought your frequencies were too low. I haven't ever noticed that in the tracks of yours that I've played on. +2
February 10 2017 23:28:40
Marcelo D
Marcelo D Hey Jaeusm. In my opinion we always need to be careful about the mix. Maybe this issue is not only about the frequencies but also about how loud the frequencies are in the region that the bass players choose to play their add.
I'm ain't no sound engineer too... but I have always listened to people saying that equal frequencies at the same track fade each other and make the instruments kinda desapear in the song.
I am really glad that you and Mario never had such problem in my tracks and you are both amazing bass players. But I would be happy to know about it if someday you have a hard time to play with my keys. :)
Great Marceys! Bass players excited with jam! ;)+1
February 10 2017 20:44:06
Marceys Love to hear your bass Mario! :) Thanks man! +1
Nice one! :)+1
February 10 2017 20:43:44
Marceys Thanks, enjoyed your drums a lot! +1
francisco al
harmonia ótima, Marceys+1
February 10 2017 18:25:03
francisco al
Marceys Thanks a lot francisco! Have a good weekend! :) +0

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