Alright, Alright!

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Very cool track by Szymon, DaFunkydrummer and Pete. A lot of room to think. In the USA, politically a very crazy time and sometimes make you want to just shout.
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Soul, R&B, Fusion, sax


February 14 2017 23:26:46
Itocpogo Thank You very much, I appreciate it! +1
Hey Dan:)Awesome Add buddy,what a build the vocals too!!,I knew you'd sound great on this one,thanks again for another cool jam session:);):)+1
February 14 2017 23:30:39
Itocpogo Thanks, Pete! I look forward to collaborating with you! The 3 of you made a Fantastic track! +1
Wonderful Sax - I love it, you play fantastic+1
February 14 2017 23:31:49
Itocpogo Thank You so much Rene for your kind words! +0
Cool sax line Dan :Y+1
February 14 2017 23:32:48
Itocpogo Thanks Glez! +1
Very cool+1
February 15 2017 15:42:28
Itocpogo Thank You very much, I appreciate it! +0
So cool my friend :)+1
February 15 2017 15:42:59
Itocpogo Thanks so much, Titi! +1
Intriguing and fascinating sax phrasing Dan! Your great add has a hypnotic effect and makes great this track! Superb idea great those perfect vocal deadlifts! :)+1
February 15 2017 15:48:17
Itocpogo Thank You, Stef! I started out just to play with Pete's very cool bass. But then I got caught up with our USA political challenge with this new Administration and then I discovered the "Alright" deadlifts and reminded me how I feel like shouting out "Alright, Already" referring to to the nonsense in our White House, but I dropped the Alright from the song title. +0
Your ideas are very creative and support the song perfect. From 1.08 a fantastic sound, soft and yet with bite!:)+1
February 18 2017 00:21:24
Itocpogo Thanks Pewi for your kind words and your attention to details which I appreciate! +1
Your playing has so many facets and your fraces are just fantastic here Dan. This track IS cool. But your work really add a new fantastic level. I really enjoyed this listening. And if nothing else USA should be proud of you. ;)
February 19 2017 21:48:32
Itocpogo WOW! I am honored by your very kind words, Peter! Thank You, my friend! +1

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