The Victorian Asp

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Bass & Drums:
GrooveEnth275 jams
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New Zealand
Wade401 jams

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Loved this track from GrooveEnth on first hearing. Had a second go at this and of went a bit snakey. Ran out of ideas by 3 minutes, so faded (myself) out there. Sopranino.


Love this floating sax sounds around the track! :) :)+1
February 18 2017 22:33:23
Wade Thanks frenzie. This is me in my kind of mood/mode. Bass track with enough clues and inspiration to go to those strange places. +1
Thank you for the charming sax Wade ;o)+1
February 18 2017 21:45:23
Wade So good of you to have a listen. Thanks Uli. +1
Wade, the flexibility and the skill with which you plasmas the sounds are stunning! The sopranino is certain musical instrument ideal between your fingers. Up and down using charm and dynamism, and you always know how to do rise the tension of your phrasing like at 2:39 to 2:55. Wonderful!+1
February 18 2017 22:19:11
Wade Once again you are so kind to give such a fine review. Not sure I deserve this. This sort of playing is way to easy for me and I just love playing with bass and having all that space between the bass and sopranino. Makes me hear all the notes that could be in between. +1
Thats cool and groovy. I love it <3+1
February 18 2017 21:37:30
Wade Glad you dug this. I had a good time playing it. Thanks. +1
You sweeten up this track with you smooth warm color that line shine and lift up the track Wade!+1
February 18 2017 04:51:33
Wade Funny thing is my favorite single instrument to play with/against is bass. This is such a fine track from GrooveEnth. Thanks so much for your listen and comment. +0
Very good job Wade, so cool!!+1
February 18 2017 04:50:01
Wade Thanks Mario. Glad you like. +1
Extraordinaire, Wade! I guess I said it before: Your soft playing often reminds me to the sax on Stings "Nothing like the sun" LP. Soooo good!!+1
February 18 2017 04:49:45
Wade So kind of you but I'm nowhere near the league of Branford Marsalis. I can do "different", but not "good". +0
Damn - I'm glad _that_ managed to slither out of your vault! :W Marvellous - love your navigation of the 'B' section out to the fade out. I'd have been quite happy to listen to another couple of minutes but I suppose it does leave room for someone else to join :)+1
February 18 2017 04:45:05
Wade Thanks GE. So grateful for this wonderful groove of yours. Not probably what you had in mind. No matter it's an inspiration for me and those strange mode/scales I love.

Could have faded you out at the same time, but thought I should leave it open. Just really had nothing else to say so "took the horn out of my mouth".
February 19 2017 13:56:28
GrooveEnth The beauty of this place is that it's almost never 'what you had in mind' but usually ten times better! :) +0
so good !!! :)+1
February 18 2017 04:42:03
Wade Thanks you dear AKchen. So good of you to give a listen and comment. +1
gotta lovve that little sweet beast :) cool !!+1
February 18 2017 04:41:14
Wade Yea I like this particular horn even though it's one of the cheapest I have. It was made as a "one off" Taiwanese experiment that went to a friend who doesn't really play sopranino, so he sold it to me. They engraved it with it's name "Sagatious". +1

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