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It's also a very old French song, i'll arrange it in modern style. I need : Drum jazz swing. (Beat is 186bpm & 146bpm for the slow bridge) Woman to sing it. Clarinet (all along) as Sidney Bechet style. (1st and 2nd verses in A - 3rd verse = 1/2 tone up, 4, 5 verses again 1/2 tone up and come back 6, and ...
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Jeanne Moreau


Please, please HELP me ! I create these demo to show you a little what kind of prject i have. I made that with machines and it's realy not what i want. I NEED REAL MUSICIANS. I'm a compositor, author for Blues and Rock and i'm just starting to try to make electro music. I have everything to learn about. That's why i need all your help. Drum, bass, acoustique bass, brass, wood, piano & keyboard...engenering...and more. To have some more ideas about what i'm looking for my réferences are : Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace,The Electric Swing Circus...So EVERYONE that can help me is welcome.
francisco al
muito bom, Yv+0

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