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I hope you may enjoy this play, I added black locust plains style native flute. :) Enjoyed this very much, I like this first recording, It represents how I feel when I listen to this guitar speak :) Although I will most likely re record this track using some restraint :)I just liked the first run :)


Elijah Sivad
Wow! You make your own flutes? That is too cool!! :) Nice work! Do you sell them? :D+0
February 26 2017 20:33:32
Elijah Sivad
HiFiFlutes Hey Seth :) Yep :) I only play what I have made with help from above of course :) Glad you dig it my friend. I have thought of selling but always revert to the idea of gifting them instead. . although my back is tired of carpentry and I am getting older. maybe a few more years play and I may change professions. and sell flutes :) +1
February 26 2017 20:39:05
Elijah Sivad
Elijah Sivad Thanks for answering so quickly and might I say, efficiently. :)

The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.
- J.S Bach
lovely ma friend :)+0
February 21 2017 01:54:10
HiFiFlutes Thanks Andrea ! I'm super pleased you enjoyed this play :) Thanks for listening in and Nice comment :) +0
Very nice sound!+0
February 21 2017 01:52:24
HiFiFlutes Hi Pewi :) Thanks my friend !! I am pleased you enjoyed this play :) Thanks for kind words always :) +1
Oh yeahhhh !!!
You always give a soul to the songs in which you make your flute sing, it is incredible my friend <3
February 21 2017 01:51:25
HiFiFlutes Hi Arno :) Super awesome nice words my friend !! THANK YOU :) super encouraging :) SUPER ! So pleased you enjoyed this impromptu play :))::) +1
francisco al
bom trabalho, HiFiFlutes+0
February 21 2017 01:49:04
francisco al
HiFiFlutes Thank you Francisco !! Very kind :) Much appreciation :) +0
wonderful play Chris! love this nature feeling...+1
February 18 2017 22:21:17
HiFiFlutes Hi Alice :) THANK YOU !! Much appreciated :) I am pleased you enjoyed this :) +0
Lenny Cowler
Yes!!!again very pleasant to listen:)+0
February 18 2017 22:20:28
Lenny Cowler
HiFiFlutes Hi Lenny :) Thanks my friend :) Glad you liked this play. Thanks for listening in !!! +1

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