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RobM845 jams
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New Zealand
Wade380 jams
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Another great track from Rob. Modified soprano sax. Mostly backing for his excellent track. Cooks a bit near the end. Could use some bass...please?


March 25 2017 19:27:50
AnneCozean i love the attraction happening between these opposite ends of the spectrum: Rob's growling, punchy track and your smooth as a baby's smooth parts contribution sets it off perfectly. 2:06 just squeals with delight!! your long blow at 2:32 - that made ME squeal with delight. :) 2:58 on was low down & lovely, Wade. that end is perfect. LOVE THIS ONE, GENTS!+1
March 26 2017 03:30:47
Wade So glad you took some time to check this one out. Wasn't heard by many but that's the way things go with so many tracks and so little time. Yea, that squeal by Rob is amazing. Really glad you like that odd juxtaposition for the smooth sax. If I can't be good can always be different. Ha! +1
February 20 2017 20:57:48
Dick truly great! was a bit sad when the drums set it, would have loved to add them... like the freedom and somewhat "modern" sound approach in this.+1
February 20 2017 21:51:05
Wade Thanks Dick. I guess it's understandable that players initiating a template sometimes want to have a drum track. Should always be removable though so that a real drummer can step in. Have a word with Rob? I'm happy to re-record...won't be the same though (always a jam for me). +0
February 19 2017 13:13:40
Shi always good to hear a new one from you Wade , I like the contrast between the floating sax sounds and that funky wah and groove from Rob :)+1
February 19 2017 23:48:11
Wade Yea, this track from Rob really speaks to me. He's so talented and creative. Thanks Shi. +1
February 19 2017 13:10:22
GrooveEnth How strange... I was just working on something with Rob and the 'evil twin' when this popped up. Perhaps there will be two... :) Great job Wade!+1
February 19 2017 23:47:30
Wade Thanks GE. I've got more of yours waiting to surface as well. +1
February 19 2017 11:16:58
RobM Now this is cool !!
Agree with Alice, you captured the vibe perfectly. And that intro put a big smile on this face ! :) :) Glad you joined in my friend ! :)
February 19 2017 23:46:22
Wade Glad I could add something and bring this fine track form you back and have a few more people give a listen. +0
February 19 2017 08:40:55
aleonz I really love the sounds of your sax in this track, it blend very cool with Rob, that line shape a lovely track Wade+1
February 19 2017 23:45:10
Wade You're such a sensitive being! I'm happy just knowing that you've had a listen. Thanks so much. +1
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