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Here's an old free music score I was working on these last days. Title is "Pavane" written by Gabriel Fauré. My son recognized the theme thanks to an ad for bank that he saw on TV. So, he gave me this inspiration for a text that I will write into a post. Have a good day my friends.
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celtic harp


beautiful song, just listen again ;o)+1
Listen again Agnés, wonderful what Andrea did with that lyrics :)+1
Wonderful sound and atmosphere Carol! :)+1
Beautifully played Carol+1
Nice Playing, nice clean recording! Very Pretty!
Hopefully this trunk of the tree will produce many branches.
Love to hear some nice combo of instruments on this!:D
March 05 2017 15:38:02
Caroljoyce WoW. This is a huge comment here. I had to thank you for this. Because your supportive words help me to keep faith. So many hours of musical practise, when sometimes i feel discouraged by my poor improvements... thank you very much. +1
March 05 2017 15:46:57
GemmyF comment was honest and true - and yes -- your diligent practice has paid/paying off. As I think of it, You'd be a nice person to add to this one!:D along with Peter(PEWI), Jamlady(cello), some JMrukk:Ders(keys)....... +1
francisco al
bom trabalho, Caroljoyce+1
listen to it again ... so beautiful ;o)+1
Agnes...very Beautiful:)<3+1
February 28 2017 17:48:19
Caroljoyce Thank you for that words. Indeed, this classical piece was dedicated to a beautiful and wealthy Lady who Gabriel Fauré was in love with. I hope that this subtle man, Gabriel, won't be angry with me, because of my lyrics... :| +1
March 05 2017 07:12:21
hartmut Thanks caroljoyce, great play! Wonderful atmosphere. I love the fact that this originally has been created as a love song, soooo beautiful ! :) +1
Woe to you
Let me realize your dreams
Just want you to fill up the form
Be wise

Woe to You
Keep your feet on the ground
Keep in mind who I am
Be wise

Woe to You
You have to stay alive
To guarantee my future
Be wise

Woe to You
Don’t get out of the rails
Or I might make you eat
The dust

Be careful
Your money is fully mine
I don’t lend without pledge
Be wise

Woe to you
You must pay back the loan
Deposite here your wealth
Be wise

Woe to you
You should have kept your job
You should have sold your car
Too late

Since today
I‘m the owner of your house
Move out of my way poor Man
Get out

Woe to you
Your tears cannot reach me
You’ve wasted your last chance
Shut up

Woe to you
You’re telling about your children
Asking me for an extra month
No way

Woe to you
Your dreams’re like empty shells
I don’t care about what you need
Good Bye

Lovely indeed !!! :):):)+1
February 20 2017 20:35:07
Caroljoyce Thk you Chris. This piece was created for a flute... +0

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