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ARNOSOLO465 jams
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ARNOSOLO465 jams
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I continue to have fun with this very first piece written, sung and in raggae. I added a bass line as well as a drum rhythm and finally remix the whole by lowering a little the bass of my low voice.


what a cool surprise arnosolo sings :) fab track too :) and very meaningful lyrics. Well done indeed+1
February 20 2017 20:36:08
ARNOSOLO Thanks a lot Shi ;)
I don't know why, i don't know how ... but i tried to write a song and sing it B)
Just wake up with a dream and a melody ... and that song :)
February 20 2017 20:39:37
Shi glad that you did,i enjoyed it :) +1
February 20 2017 16:49:35
ARNOSOLO Thanks a lot Jamlady :D
Maybe I was inspired by listening to your last reggae song ;)
February 20 2017 21:42:32
jamlady :D +0
Great track! I donĀ“t understand any word but i like your voice! ;)+1
February 20 2017 16:52:43
ARNOSOLO Thx a lot Adu. ;)
Le lyrics in english :
1 st couplet:
Leaving this beach from a devastated country
I embark on this vessel with uncertain fate
Despite no baggage, all our bodies so tight,
I walk away from this beach with a broken heart.

Chorus 1 - 2 - 3:
I'm a pariah
Excluded from my home
I'm a pariah
Where would I go tomorrow?

2nd verse:
The boat sank on this rough sea
To know to swim we are only a few
I see the shore of a foreign country
First on this beach but also the last one

3rd couplet:
Hastily sent to a refugee camp
They treat me like an animal, yet I am human
Me my suitcase is ready, I have nothing to take away
Tomorrow I flee, I have this sea to cross

Chorus 4:
I'm a pariah
Excluded from your home
I'm a pariah
Where would I go tomorrow?

4th couplet:
Finally there is a truck, I know where to hide
A plastic on the head, customs officers will not see anything
But the longer the time, the tighter the plastic
I see this beach again but my dream is broken

Chorus 5:
I'm a pariah
Excluded from my home
I'm a pariah
Excluded from your home

Chorus 6:
I'm a pariah
Nowhere is it home
I'm a pariah
My life is here

ARnoSoLow - 2017
Excellent production and really like your vocals.+1
February 20 2017 01:18:42
ARNOSOLO Ohhh ! Thx a lot Phil.
It's the very first time i try to sing and writte a song. Thx for your encouragements :D

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