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Elijah Sivad
Wunderbar! Sind Sie selbst beigebracht und wie lange Sie gespielt haben? Gespielt ich habe über ein Jahr und, ich frage mich ob Sie irgendwelche Ratschläge für mich beim Komponieren hatte? :D+1
March 07 2017 10:18:41
Elijah Sivad
Liesching I've been playing as a student for some years. Now after 20 years I rediscovered the piano and try to spent some time in composing. I often just sit down and Hit some keys until I find a lil theme. Then I try to figure out a few varieties of the theme. By playing and Improvisation for a few hours it almost becomes an entire piece. Then I record it and try to add some string orchestration if I think it could give a match:) So how do you compose your lovely pieces? +1
March 07 2017 18:12:26
Elijah Sivad
Elijah Sivad Interesting. About the same. Usually I pick a song title and then try to write a melody that would fit with the title. Then I choose a time signature and key that I think would sound best with the melody. And really pretty much the same as yourself, just play some keys and see what what comes out of it. :D +1
A magical composition so beautifully performed. So excited to have discovered your music. :)+1
Just pure madness...I am sorry But Wade describe it perfectly..+1
Magnifique !!!+1
francisco al
fez bom trabalho com Keys, Liesching+1
Yet another amazing piece Marc! I enjoyed it very much, every single time I listen to one of your new pieces or pieces I haven't heard I save them in my heart. Somehow I know I'll always remember you and your magnificent musicianship:)+1
Tolles Stück und prima sound! Welches Piano hast Du benutzt? Viele Grüße aus der ältesten Stadt Deutschlands! :)+1
February 24 2017 13:29:15
Liesching Danke mein Lieber. ist mit dem Yamaha CP4 Stage gespielt, auf dem Vorzeigeflügel (CFX glaube ich) aber in einer anderen EQ Version namens "Dark".
Du hasu auch was Neues gekocht, habe ich gesehen. Ich höre es mir in Ruhe im Urlaub auf Malle an. Morgen geht´s los. LG M
This tells such a beautiful story Marc :)
Thank you for sharing :)
Moving, stirring something deep within... Beautiful, powerful musical offering, Liesching :O+2
il tono è minore ma anche bella .. anche tu scrivi cose belle !+1
February 21 2017 14:42:15
Liesching Grazie mille Barbax! You´re right, I switched the info to minor! Thanks! +0

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