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I composed this melody in homage to the beautiful text of the song "Lily" by Pierre Perret( My childhood friend, Greg (aka Guitarplyr on wiki), came to spend a good evening at home and took the opportunity to add this 2nd guitar (12 strings) on this piece. thank you my friend !


February 23 2017 18:18:05
Lenny Cowler
ARNOSOLO Thx my friend :D +1
Very beautiful melody. I love it!+1
February 23 2017 18:38:53
ARNOSOLO :D Thx a lot Andrea ;) +0
Superb ! F...... sounds !:)+1
February 23 2017 18:50:19
ARNOSOLO Merci Titi ;)
On s'est encore bien amusé là-dessus hier avec Greg (Guitarplyr) ... Jam jusque 4h du mat ... Les yeux piquaient un peu ce matin !:o
February 23 2017 18:52:44
titi Surtout si tu bossais ;)
Bise à vous et régalez vous ! (bise à la poire aussi :D)
February 23 2017 18:55:15
ARNOSOLO Moi non, mais lui oui !! Et la poire nous a quitté cette nuit ... Il a fallu se consoler au rhum :D +1
February 23 2017 18:57:02
titi Ivrognes !!! :)
Pour le coup je vais peut-être te faire un petit solo au milieu de votre piste ;)
February 23 2017 19:01:26
ARNOSOLO Cool !!!! On a laissé de la place en plus :D +1
Excellent playing Arno so lovely :) I love it .+1
February 23 2017 22:26:42
ARNOSOLO Thx a lot Adu B) +0
Beautiful piece+1
February 23 2017 22:27:00
ARNOSOLO Thank you Frankie ;) +1
Nicely done NeighB' :) my head little bit "ça pique" today, envoi de factures festival spectacles:| but this two guitar piece remember me another great moment with you my friend <3+1
February 23 2017 22:28:11
ARNOSOLO Moi j'ai galéré aussi ce matin ... Après, bricolage pour sécuriser l'escalier du haut ... Un petit petit morceau à la Voulzy :D +0
November 29 2019 00:51:45
ARNOSOLO Elle est vraiment bien cette piste hein Laurent V 😉 +0
isn't this so sweet to listen to Arno and Guitarplyr :) a delight !+1
February 23 2017 22:30:48
ARNOSOLO Thx a lot Mrs Shi. We had a lot of fun to create this template.
I thought it could be a song on which you could sing ;)
Wow, that plays nice! :) Thx for sharing!+1
February 23 2017 22:44:54
ARNOSOLO Hey my friend !
It was really fun to play this track with my childwood friend Greg (Guitarplyr) :D
Very cool... enjoyed very much !!!+1
February 24 2017 01:04:32
ARNOSOLO :D Thx a lot Psycho :D +1
bonito, ARNOSOLO. bom trabalho+1
February 25 2017 02:00:33
francisco al
ARNOSOLO Ah ah :D Thank you Francisco B) +0
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