Dear Talking Head

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akethesnaker2398 jams
step I
akethesnaker2398 jams
step II
United States
Vocals & Bass:
KMstar1518 jams
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+ 11
Open Letter to all mainstream media outlets and the hosts that confuse agenda with news. thanks Ake for a great guitar and drum to follow!


:DNow we know your agenda!+1
February 27 2017 00:04:47
KMstar ;) +0
Fantastic! Feels like I'm right there 😎+1
February 26 2017 00:06:57
KMstar Thanks! +1
Excellent song Ken... the singing is awesome buddy :)+1
February 25 2017 00:32:07
KMstar you are far too kind brother :) much appreciate your comment. I think the lyrics worked, just need to practice some more I think +1
Major 3rd
great bass add bro!+1
February 25 2017 00:28:21
Major 3rd
KMstar thanks! I am much happier with the bass than the vocals myself, I appreciate the comment my friend! +0
Nice one Ken!!! Before the age of internet and communication the ruling class kept the simple people ignorant by not providing any information, only what suited them. Now ALL the information is available, they keep us ignorant because the flood the internet and TV with the whole spectrum of lies, from all sides so that you simply cannot tell the truth anymore. For any question you search the internet, you will find 10 answers, all different. Go figure :/+1
February 25 2017 00:26:43
KMstar I agree TG its a mess. thanks for the compliment bro! lots of practice still needed before I would be happy with the vocals, wanted to get it recorded while it was fresh and I had some energy to try. I was afraid a nights sleep would make me forget what I was trying to attempt so I uploaded the best take of the night and put it up so I could hear it on different players today. I think its rough but the idea is there ;) +0
They are all lying! Great tune, song and bass Ken!! :)+1
February 24 2017 06:32:44
KMstar Thank you very much +1
Lenny Cowler
February 24 2017 05:33:05
Lenny Cowler
KMstar thanks :) +1
oh yeah, Ken is in da house. Awesome vocals and bass brother. Love it <3<3<3:W:W:W:Y:Y:Y+1
February 24 2017 03:21:16
KMstar thanks Don! its a Turkey and honey kind of night for me so I was worried I went a little over the top ;) +1
February 24 2017 03:23:21
Don_T not over the top at all, I think it came out great. You seemed to push where it needed pushing and backed off when it called for it. You did great.. turkey and all :) +1
February 24 2017 03:25:46
KMstar :) thanks brother +1
February 24 2017 15:12:03
KMstar Pushed a little past my limit on a few notes, my range has gotten larger since I gave up smoking but not quite enough to pull off some of those high notes +1
February 24 2017 15:27:03
Don_T then do what I do... practise.. get alone, warm up your voice, then try to hit notes you know are extremely hard to hit. The dogs in the neighborhood might howl, but it does help to stretch your vocal chords. Just don't push too hard and hurt yourself :) Either that, or drop and octave for that note, sometimes that yields great results.. if not, then go back to step one :D +1
February 24 2017 17:14:44
KMstar Your right, practice is the only way to get better. Bet I had some dogs howling when I recorded this. +1
February 24 2017 17:29:21
Don_T lol you should hear them around my house :D +1

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