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Very cool drumming by Bothen and Jim follows it perfectly with syncopated riffs. I just wanted to add a backing this pure Funk adventure.
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Fusion, sax


Awesome playing Dan. Your riffs and sound is so great in this jam. Really enjoyed this. I was a "funky-guy" in my youth when funk was at the hottest. And this is great ;)+2
February 28 2017 17:20:20
Itocpogo Thank you Peter! Your words are too kind! Looking back, I was so fortunate to have so many different music styles to learn any play in! +1
February 28 2017 17:26:01
Peterpingo I agree Dan "we" had a wonderful time with a lot of different music styles back then. And lots os awesome musicians (who was still alive) we could listen to get inspired and learn from. :) B) +0
This sax is heavenly. Wow Dan. A great expression of your fantastic ability.+2
February 28 2017 17:21:03
Itocpogo Thank You so much Rene for your gracious words! +0
February 28 2017 17:16:07
Lenny Cowler
Itocpogo Thanks so much, Lenny! +0
so good!!! you are fantastic with your sax! my friend!!!!! fantastic fit!!! great track!!! :) :)+1
February 28 2017 17:16:45
Itocpogo Thank You very much Joao, I appreciate it! +0
That great tension you give to this track with your fantastic sax! Great jazz vision and splendid dialogue Dan! :)+1
February 28 2017 17:17:22
Itocpogo Thanks so much Stef for your kind words! +0
Awesome!!!!! Great playing!+1
February 28 2017 17:22:06
Itocpogo Thank You so much my friend! Your musical talents are so inspiring to me! +0
:O awesome playin Dan !!
Fantastic interaction with Jim's super guitar work !! :)
February 28 2017 00:23:36
Leftdaloops1019 not to mention those cool drums by Bothen!!!! +1
February 28 2017 05:04:43
frankyguitar YES :) +0
February 28 2017 17:22:42
Itocpogo Thanks Franky! +1
February 28 2017 17:26:08
Itocpogo Bothen's drumming is edgy and creative! That and then add Jim's guitar creative phrases and energy is more joy on a journey of a music delight for me! +1
wow, great playing!
the icing on the cake!
February 28 2017 17:26:36
Itocpogo Thank You so much for your kind words! +1
Damn fine Playing Itocpogo, makes me want to join in and jam!!!+1
February 28 2017 17:27:26
Itocpogo Thanks so much! Would love to jam again with you! +0
It impresses me how you take the contact with the guitar with your instrument! A really cool track!:)+1
February 28 2017 20:05:18
Itocpogo Thank You very much my friend, I appreciate your kind words! +1

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