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Ok, I'm Determined to get this Right. Kept the Original Template Volume Re-Recorded My Guitar Parts at a Lower Volume Stayed Off The Vocals I played at 4 positions: #1- 9.358sec to 1min9.544sec #2- 1min41.807sec to 2min14.070sec #3- 2min57.804sec to 3min12.860sec #4- 3min32.218sec to Fade to end Please Let Me Know If This Is Working For You Any Further Advice Will Appreciated. Frank
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Much better than before, good job! The wave form still looks a bit strange though, if you compare it to the one from Danny. Also, for my personal taste I would increase the volume of your guitar for the solo bit at 1:40 . Just remember, this si a personal thing, and I have been told often that the volume on my track is too low, so :D . By the way, if you upload the single track guitar with a bit of the count in it may help whoever comes after.+0
March 03 2017 17:02:01
FRANK2654 TeeGee, I am Willing to Try to Make That Guitar Solo Louder At 1:40.....I Still haven't figured out how to Record a single track only without the original template included...I use audacity for recording on my computer and can't figure out how to just listen to a Mix with recording it along with the new overdub....
However I do have a standalone multitrack recorder separate from computer that does allow. But it would be nice to do this with Audacity on Computer...I think it has something to do with the computer sound card and the ability to listen to a track without recording it when recording a new track...does that make sense?
March 03 2017 17:27:32
TeeGee I am ot sure what the problem is with your setup. But Audacity is very simple: I import the backing track. When I press "record" it automatically generates a seperate track with my guitar only. After that I can generate a new mp3 from those tracks. You should spend time trying to get this to work. Maybe you could look in the forum, or ask someone - a lot of people here use Audacity. +0
March 03 2017 18:24:25
TeeGee Check out my Audacity settings here +0
March 03 2017 23:00:40
FRANK2654 Here's what happens when I Record...The Original Template Plays and Records as I Record My Part...I just can't Record My Part without The Template Recording with it +0
March 03 2017 23:03:39
TeeGee did you check out the settings as in the picture I posted in the forum? +0
March 03 2017 23:19:03
FRANK2654 I did They are exactly the same +0
March 03 2017 23:21:21
FRANK2654 If I MUTE THE Track I am Trying To Record my part to Well then I can't Hear It to Play Along +0
Nice add Frank. Adds a perfect light side to this song. Great job :)+0
March 03 2017 17:05:28
FRANK2654 Thanks rp ! ;)
I agree...
sometimes less is better.
francisco al
bom trabalho+0
This getting better Frank! i think this work well with the song! thanks for spending time and have fun with this song!+1
March 03 2017 01:40:08
FRANK2654 ;) +0
March 03 2017 17:08:08
FRANK2654 Thanks Alice ! I am having Fun with It...just sometimes I have to Work at It. LoL ;) +1

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