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francisco al
ficou legal, Gelo+0
March 28 2017 10:29:55
francisco al
Gelo Ficuo qué es amigo ? Pero creo que es algo bueno +0
March 28 2017 18:24:19
francisco al
francisco al This word: stayed. It is giria, for any work ready. When we look at the finished work, and we mean how the work is. Then: we could say: it's cool.
Instead of the word: È: we put the word stayed. it's nice. Or: The music is cool
March 28 2017 18:33:10
francisco al
francisco al Esta palabra: se quedó. Es giria, para cualquier trabajo listo. Cuando miramos el trabajo terminado, y nos referimos a cómo es el trabajo. Entonces: podríamos decir: es genial.
En lugar de la palabra: È: ponemos la palabra se quedó. es agradable. O: La música es genia
March 29 2017 06:31:42
francisco al
Gelo Cooool +0
March 28 2017 10:28:26
Gelo Your are becoming pro sickness material dude thanks +1
Fabricio L
Very very good work man! :W+0
March 28 2017 10:27:28
Fabricio L
Gelo Thanks compadre +1
Great guitar sound(s) - really driving. Like the snare sound, too, cuts through the mix nicely.+0
March 21 2017 05:54:22
Gelo Thanks +0

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