You Should Be Here w Klaus & Stef

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I marveled at this the moment I heard it from Klaus & Stef. What did Klaus hear in his head to inspire him? How did Stef find this mood in the drum track? How could I resist?? :) I appreciate your guidance in choosing which path to take in the melody, Stef - I could have been stuck there forever at the crossroads trying to decide which way to go. Thank you, Gentleman. It's a pleasure doing the song dance ...
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sad, yearning, lonely


Thank you for putting me out of my misery! Tried to come up with a melody this fine track deserved and just couldn't do it justice. Sister, this is amazing. Great lyrics, melody,...and that voice!!! Now happy with this being "as good as it gets".+2
March 04 2017 01:42:56
AnneCozean Stef's pattern led me by the nose, just a few notes down, to this melody line. i like singing in the spaces between the music. i like taking my time. i like singing about misery. i like your reviews, Wade. :) Thanks so much! +2
March 04 2017 08:08:13
Wade Are we a-like? Good enough for me to just like...make that love. +1
Fantastic track from all of you, WOW!:W+2
March 04 2017 16:45:20
AnneCozean Thanks for listening, Ake...:) +0
elegant and classy as always Ms Anne telling that sad story to touch the heart on a fine track from Klaus and Stef :)+2
March 04 2017 16:48:02
AnneCozean You know I love me some Sad, Shi. :)
Thanks for comin' round!
March 04 2017 18:10:50
Shi welcome Ms Anne, so nice to hear you again :) +1
Plain superb Anne. Goose bumps and loop listening!
Thanks a lot for sharing this Anne^^
Superb tune from you all guys! Thanks ^^
March 04 2017 16:48:48
AnneCozean Stan - my sincere thanks for your ear visit. We appreciate it! +1
The song makes me goose bumps+2
March 04 2017 16:49:17
Pit Brett
AnneCozean Thank you for your listen, Peter! :) +1
So emotional and powerful at the same time. I believe every word you sing! My, it´s so good to listen to you ! Kisses, dear Anne :)+2
March 04 2017 16:49:41
AnneCozean I kiss your ears, Andreas!
Thank you.
<3 another gem about "sadness becomes beauty with music"+1
March 04 2017 00:22:02
AnneCozean Thank you, Chris. :) +0
Very nice Anne+1
March 04 2017 00:22:19
AnneCozean Appreciate your listen, Frankie. :) +1
Oh indeed you picked a good one Sis. I'm so happy I was here when you put this up, because to hear you sing always brings a joy to my heart. Now my Friday is complete :)+1
March 04 2017 00:23:53
AnneCozean I'm so happy, too, B! :) Thank you for listening to us. +1
Just log in and saw your track pops up, I automatically push the button and let your velvet voice floating on the air, love that warm intimate singing of yours Anne. you melt like honey , sweeten up this song!+1
March 04 2017 01:38:42
AnneCozean Thank you, Sweet Alice - your generosity is so nice. :) +0
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