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A bit of sentimental this fine Saturday afternoon =) HD is guitar only


March 06 2017 20:23:37
wikibeb cool B)+1
March 06 2017 23:32:22
Psycho Hey there Beb, thanks very much my friend :) +0
March 05 2017 23:12:40
docnat Great song, I like it!+1
March 05 2017 23:32:00
Psycho Really appreciate it Doc:) +0
March 05 2017 20:44:18
francisco al
francisco al bom trabalho, Psycho+1
March 05 2017 23:31:41
francisco al
Psycho Thanks a ton Francisco :) +0
March 05 2017 20:24:47
mortheol Very nice Bruce, super acoustic playing as always:D+1
March 05 2017 23:31:19
Psycho Busy Sunday, but I had to stop in and give thanks. Really appreciate it Ron :) +1
March 05 2017 20:17:29
frankyguitar Wonderful music for my Sunday evening Bruce. Light and shiny with a sweet nice melancholy , the next week is starting in some hours ...))+1
March 05 2017 23:30:38
Psycho Thanks very much Franky :) +0
March 05 2017 03:29:27
AKchen so lovely :)+1
March 05 2017 17:08:18
Psycho So very sweet is your comment... thanks very much Andrea :) +1
March 05 2017 00:37:43
davet Just what I needed, uplifting.+1
March 05 2017 17:07:40
Psycho Thanks for checking this out davet... glad it gave you a lift :) +0
March 04 2017 22:33:39
ALawrence1 I love this! Playlisted!!+1
March 05 2017 17:06:55
Psycho Thanks very much Andrea... happy you like it my friend :) +0
March 04 2017 22:32:18
Wade Wish we could be sitting on the same porch jamming. This reminds me so much of early days with guitarist friends.+1
March 04 2017 22:35:52
Psycho Thanks Wade... I work a lot, but weekends are usually free, so if you're ever near Kansas City my front door is open :) +1
March 04 2017 22:55:18
Wade Never been to Kansas City. Not sure it will happen in this lifetime. Come to Germany for a jam? Maybe Norway, England, or my neck of the woods in Australia or New Zealand? Closest I get to USA these days is visiting my sisters in Victoria Canada. Last few times I visited the USA was given heaps of shit at the border...taken off the the "little room" for bad people etc. Seems that having been born in the USA and giving up citizenship is is viewed as suspicious at best or some sort of crime. Not getting better I suspect. +1
March 04 2017 23:59:32
Psycho Well, my dream is to visit Europe one day. I retire in about 4 years, and hope to have the wherewithal to make that trip then :) +1
March 05 2017 00:03:17
Psycho Not sure if it will get better or not. And why would a former citizen be treated any different than others? +1
March 05 2017 01:00:47
Wade Well the questions go something like this: Why did you give up your citizenship? Are you now, or have you ever been : agent of (name a country or philosophy the USA doesn't like). Have you visited (name a country the USA doesn't like).

I think it's kind of like a biblical thing "though shalt have no other gods before me".

There is an inherent threat in someone acting in a way that visibly demonstrates that maybe the USA isn't the very best place in the very best of all possible worlds.

There is an irony in this. I distinctly remember the USA giving Russia a lot of crap when Russian (USSR) defectors (in the bad old days) wanted to go back to Russia (as USA citizens) to visit their relatives and were threatened with detainment. Well, here I am and there you are. No difference between the attitude of the Russians in the bad old days and the USA (today) towards former citizens.

I don't imagine most people in the USA would have any idea about how visitors are "welcomed" or what the rest of the world thinks. The only other part of the world where I've less impressed was India where the "customs agent" held up everyone who didn't offer a bribe. Not going back there either.

New Zealand's population nearly doubles each year with tourist numbers and it's our 2nd largest source of income for the country. The USA has far more incredible places to visit (including Kansas City!). What a great source of income and jobs...if only the attitude were a bit different.

Well, that's more than enough from me...although you did ask.
March 06 2017 23:35:48
Psycho Interesting... you have taught me something I didn't know. My guess is is won't get any better under Trump, maybe worse !! +2
March 07 2017 00:32:52
Wade Wade Wade
Such a shame. Amazing places in the USA and lots of good folk who can be welcoming towards visitors. People from this end from the world used to go through the USA on the way to Europe and stop over and do a tourist thing. They no longer do this and avoid the USA. Tourism is a relatively "clean" industry that brings in large $$$ for little effort. In little New Zealand (population 4.2 million) it employs over 200,000 people. Now that's significant! How many millions of jobs could be created in the USA with a different (official) attitude? How many "terrorists" has New Zealand had as a result of open tourism? Zero. Playing on people's fears and pointing fingers may work well for getting elected, but I don't think it will create many jobs. How many former steel workers are going to go to California to pick lettuce or fruit.
March 04 2017 21:53:10
Furlano Cool tune, Bruce!!!+1
March 04 2017 21:57:35
Psycho Hey, I really appreciate the nice words Fur :) +1
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