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Welcome to a wiki designed for backing track exchange and online music collaboration

Connecting the worlds home-studios online and sharing our members hand-made original music as inspiring jamtracks to play along to is our mission.

wikiloops.com is a meetingplace for musicians and music lovers.
Those who play and record an instrument are invited to collaborate by adding to each others jamtracks - and everyone else is welcome to enjoy the free music streams, or to use our backing tracks as play-alongs for home practise.
If you came looking for some real-instrument mp3 soundfiles to make your practicing more enjoyable, or would like to play along to real drum beats instead of using a metronome
you just discovered the right place.
wikiloops is way more than a torrent for exchanging home-recorded mp3s -
it is a small and moderated social network to meet and collaborate with musicians from around the globe by creating tracks together.

You can browse our databse to find tracks which are still missing the instrument you play,
be it tracks missing Guitar, Bass-less tracks, or tracks without Drums or whatever else you make noise with.

Our special jamtrack search tool on our growing music collection so you can easily pick the genre or instrument line-up you would like to play along to when practising.

As you may imagine, a bunch of musicians creating a lot of different versions and remixes of tracks is quite a task to keep organized.
That's where the "wikiness" of this site makes it incredibly easy to keep track of things, and to be able to access all stages of the creative process down to the very first track.

All music is free to listen right away, and the player is configured to loop the jamtracks so you can go on practicing or jamming as long as you want.

latest forum posts:

WadeThe next big live jam?
by Wade on November 19 2017 03:35:58
niltonCigar Box Guitar rocks!
by nilton on November 18 2017 22:40:54
GBDLyrics - Lady Love
by GBD on November 16 2017 04:56:15

wikiloops album of the day:

Around the WorldA new album with Shi, Moonchild, Craig, schwarglr, Alice, Ulo, JohnG and Glen put forward with their beautiful melodies deliciously sung, whistled or told A nod to my friends Dub, Jéjé and Neib's for back voices recorded when I thought of a singer, we really laughed...

Around the World by ARNOSOLO

latest uploads:

  1. November 19 2017 03:27:00 - HipHop
    Pawlik playing drums & guitar
  2. November 19 2017 03:20:32 - Funk
    Paella with Sriracha sauce
    GreenDog playing guitar jamming with WhiteDrum55, Ernie440 & GemmyF
  3. November 19 2017 03:13:18 - Electronic
    ArkRockStudio remixed the tracks jamming with Wikimark
  4. November 19 2017 02:48:34 - Rock
    Corri Ragazzo - Needs DRUM and BASS
    ettore playing vocals, guitar & keys jamming with bigjoy74
  5. November 19 2017 02:12:58 - Jazz-Rock
    Give Five
    mpointon playing drums
  6. November 19 2017 02:09:42 - Rock
    twisted rock with guitar
    mikesch playing guitar jamming with WhiteDrum55, Sarsippius & nadrek
  7. November 19 2017 02:08:38 - Folk
    Bring You Home
    jeremymjones playing vocals & acoustic guitar
  8. November 19 2017 01:47:40 - Jazz-Rock
    Horny Toad
    Inkless playing guitar jamming with MrAdamOnDrums & Slavinski
  9. November 19 2017 01:22:09 - HipHop
    To Start Right Now
    Fishinmissio jamming with Pawlik & katell29

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