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Angabe von Noten, Akkorden oder Tonarten

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I agree that it is helpful to have some hints as to the chords. I also learned to play without formal training, so my musical knowledge is limited. I at least try to give a simple hint as the chord progression when I post a track, and I do like it when I find tracks the have such hints - it is a help.
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Hey, I'm back at my home desk, here comes a few thoughts on the chords information.
This will -as often- become a bit complicated, I will do my best to explain the aspects I feel should be regarded.

I will not go into analysis why people are generally lazy when it comes to writing down chords, and I wont go into discussing the ideal way to write down music, let me try to focus on what can be done to improve the 'loops.

1st and most obvious, it shall be possible to edit or add chords after the track has been published. I do not believe people will seriously write chords on other peoples tracks, but the uploader himself should be able to add some (which is not possible if none were entered durign upload at this time).

2nd - let us question what chord description do on wikiloops - I have thought about this and spotted several quite severe problems there.
For one thing, the different players do need very different information - a drummer might be totally fine with seeing the tracks structure lined out by adding different color markers below the track, a bass player doesn't really need much more than the root notes of each part, the guitar player would love to see full chords and the horns guys will need to transpose any info into their range - that much being said, it is quite difficult to find a "one size fits all" solution that suits everyone.

The second aspect which struck me about the chord is that they are basicly being displayed in a place where they are not needed.
If the guitar player who joined a track outlines his exact chords in a great way, and I spot that and want to add bass, why on earth would I want to play the exact same chords of the guitar player?
They are aleady being played, and there are few good songs in which everyone plays exactly the same, but on different instruments...
In my example, it would be more interesting to find the bass chords taken from some already present bass remix of the current guitar track, ideally along an option to switch to "listen to these basslines".

Right now, I'd have to work around this by checking out remixes with bass, checking their chords tabs, copying the info somewhere else, moving back to the "without bass" version and start to play. No need to think anyone will do that, right?

If you look at it this way, the whole sense of providing chords in the way we have been doing it is questionable, or at least limited.
Maybe my assumption that it is not interesting to play what someone else is playing is wrong, too. I guess many people who like to practise known songs are happy to do just that, I can't really say.

I guess we need to differenciate three kinds of people:
- those who don't look for chords at all
- those who appreciate being told exactly what to play, I'll call em beginners here
- those who are skilled but enjoy skipping the "finding out by ear" by checking chords, this "advanced" people will have little trouble analyzing the key and finding additional harmonies, so they don't necessaryly need overly detailed info.

Looks like one more hint in the direction of offering different layouts to people who are looking for practise tracks vs. people who are looking to collaborate & jam.
simple hints like
"E A D G 8x
D E 4x"
would be enough for the jammers, while the practising people would certainly appreciate a lot more info, ideally laid out for their instrument type... which would require an very much increased amount of work on the uploaders end.

Right now, I am wondering if it would make sense to try to introduce a seperation between "jams" (tracks shared for collaboration fun) and "lessons" (tracks with detailed chord info and additional options).
Obviously, only few users would be willing and able to provide the lesson type tracks, but many of the rather silent practising users would probably appreciate this split a lot.

oh my...
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i really think the chords tab is fine as it is now (except maybe for the width) ... what i usually do is provide chords AND structure at once in the tab which is very useful in my opinion ... clic on the chords tab hit play and just follow what's happening ...

now the chords indication is another story ... i think writing down every extension doesn't make sense for it will only be confusing for most loopers needless to say it is a pain to read AND write ... who would really needs to know that on this bar a Dm7b5#11(add2) was played ??? i do think there is a useful and easy way to write chords : Dm7 ! that makes it easy to read too ... now more information is also nice but i seriously doubt it's USEFUL ;)

| C7 G | Am FM7 | <= this is a nice way in my books : simple and clean ;)

the purpose of the chords tab is to document the harmony played in the remix right ? stop me if i'm wrong though ... i think the harmony is good for any instrument ! of course the Bb Eb and other keys instruments would still have to transpose but honestly i think the members playing these instruments can do that on their own ... and i'm even assuming they're used to !
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Thanks to all who are taking time and effort to add chords
I am a bedroom fiddler with not much knowledge about music, but thanks to the info on chords I have (when I have time) lots of fun !

Thanks all for keeping this place accessible for everybody
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As a side question: would it be useful to put any arrangement in the chords section? When I do templates I often describe the structure in the uploaded text. Should I put such things in the chord/lyric section or, more to the point, would people find it useful if I did?
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hallo jungens, nicht aufregen, gefühl ist alles, zuhören und fühlen::: musik ist das medium und der weg, fühhlen...
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