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wikiloops transparency report on 2016

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I'm afraid I don't have anything to add to the topic except to say that whatever you decide Dick I'm happy to support. It's clear from your posts and the atmosphere here that you are in this for the love of music and you've built an amazing community.

I spent 15 years not playing music. Picked up the bass again a few years back but had got to the point where it was going to back in its case for good - I couldn't see the point of just being a 'bedroom jammer'. Discovering wikiloops has completely changed that. Not only am I getting the opportunity to play with some incredible musicians but I'm learning new stuff every day that I wouldn't even have thought to try a year ago. For me the cost of a couple of lessons is a very small price to pay to keep the lights on here.

I do hope you find a way to keep things going in a way that maintains as much of the current spirit as possible but whatever happens I just wanted to say _thank you_ for bringing this place to life and giving me a musical outlet again. :)
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*update for those who have been waiting for the next move following the transparency report:*
here is the link to the members poll 2017 which I have prepared during the past few days,
it will be offered more prominently shortly, I just felt like dropping the link here, first:


Feel free to send me feedback on that if you feel like it, looking foreward to the results very much.

@GrooveEnth : thank you very much for those words, they do mean a lot to me.
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