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How much do you listen to your own music

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Hello TeeGee !
I Personally Listen to My Own Recordings Quite A Lot.

I Think The 2 BIG Ways we can Establish if a Song is any Good is By:
1) How it Makes Us Feel when We Play It.
2) How We Feel When We Listen To It.

SOMETIMES it takes Numerous Listenings before I can get Comfortable with a Song.
And We ALL KNOW that sometimes there's always room for change and improvements, enhancements.
I and I am Sure You Take your Music Seriously.
I Find That Listening To My Own Music is Like BIOFEEDBACK.
I still most definitely listen to other peoples music a lot also..
I Think Our Own and Others Music Both and Individually are Intended to INSPIRE US.


Frank2654 :)
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A lot lol. There are a couple reasons for me.. 1) I like them and have that pride about participating in the creation. 2) when I decide to record one, I often haven't heard all of the elements of the song, but I get tunneled into creating the bass line and still miss a lot. So this is probably the biggest reason for me is that once I have done my part, I finally get to hear the track as it was meant to be, plus how it moves forward with my addition, and then whether it all really fits together like I thought it did.
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I listen a lot to what i upload. It's the best way for me to learn what my mistakes were & figure out how to correct/avoid them... I also listen A LOT to other people's adds to my stuff : i absolutely go gaga when others add to something of mine because usually it means it takes the tune into unexpected directions, something i really enjoy here !
Listening to my stuff however includes a LOT of cringing... :D
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Caught me. Much of my stuff hasn't made it here yet. Being self conscious about my ability or lack thereof keeps me low key- especially with so much great talent here. I remember reading Billy Gibbons say to play what you want to hear, and that means a lot.
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I do listen to recordings that I play on. On Wikiloops, I generally gravitate to adding on to other people's music and then review my add to critically listen. Does it fit? How are my levels? Does it support the song or am I overplaying/underplaying? What should I work on next? At times, hearing my adds makes me want to give up bass and crawl under a rock, but there are times when I feel all right about how my lines are interacting with the other contributor's music. In the end, I believe that listening to your own work in addition to listening to others is essential in growing as a musician.
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Every musician is proud of his work.

Some people give young musicians the advice "have fun". I guess music has nothing to do with fun, in no way. You need passion, blood, sweat and tears. Even fears. It starts with bleeding hurtin fingertips.
In a studio situation you need the strange ability to listen 10 hours to a single song with some breaks. This brings not fun, this shows some madness. You need to develope this "concentration" when learning to listen.
To listen is ten times harder than to play or sing.

I used to think that playing is something active and listening is passive. The contrary is right. Listen actively and play passively.
Now the problem is you need to lay down your passion for some hours and take a cruel engineers sight. The theorem behind this approach could be, you are not able to DO something wrong if you can HEAR that is wrong. But don't try to be perfect, have passion. There will never be a perfect love. A perfect love would be incredibly boring.
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i'm affraid i couldn't disagree more with this last post from Neronick ... music is all about having fun and if you can't have fun in the process then you should probably try something else !
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Yes, I confess, I listen very much to what I do / I play for several reasons, 1 because I learn from my mistakes 2nd because as incredible as it may seem, I just like what I hear, I have a CD with all the tracks I uploaded as well the remixes not all of course but the ones I like the most. Listening to our own work is no shame at all, any self-respecting artist loves their art whether it be with or without defects.:W
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I used to play in bands a long time ago. Now, my life is very busy operating a construction business and trying to stay on top of life's schedule. So I actually don't play that much. Not nearly as much as I'd like to. Trying to form collaborative musical connections is problematic for a number of reasons. Although its usually few and far between for me to submit contributions here at the loops, it is really my oasis in the desert. Now with the ability for musicians to record at home on the cheap, relatively speaking, Wikiloops is really the next step in that advent. This community really represents something more profound than we realize. We have pulled away from the record labels and vultures of profit, to put music back where it belongs. On the front porches, living rooms, parks and other places we might carry our instruments. But most importantly to me, we communicate and collaborate with wonderful and original musicians from all nations and cultures. And to think that I'm lucky enough to be a part of this. And to listen to my music as it is part of this wonderful continuum of one of the only places left where we can find genuine world peace, through real communication and partnership. I hope I'm not coming off as disingenuous, I'm just bearing my thoughts here. Thank you Richard, your idea has given us a place to come to get away from so much negativity and hate in the world. Anyway, I digress.
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This a good article.. I believe we all listen to our own music creations rather it is here on Wilki or at home in our little rooms we hide and play in…. That is the only way you will learn… Listening gives you the knowledge of what sounds good and what is bad….. I have created trash and I have created some good… The bottom line is it’s not how good or bad you are, the question is do you love what you or doing… I do I have always loved music… Look at it as Karaoke? You have your great singers and you’re not so good singers… But they both have something in commend. They love what they or doing having fun and that is what’s important I think… Now the haters or the ones who don’t try and or always criticizing, ah they aren’t that good or I could do better… Blah blah to them right… Just enjoy and have fun in doing so you or only here on earth for a short time…Michael:W:Y:W
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Bumped this somewhat old thread because I have been asking myself this very question.

I assumed it was just because I am a raging egomaniac who likes the sound of his own voice (truly sick; loves self and mediocore singing!)

I also like to listen to 'loops radio and obsess over other tracks that speak to me, particulaly ones i want to join

Turns out "many" of my favorite wikiloops artists share a similar "habit" of listening this way.

makes me feel better! And I am not surprised it is TeeGee who kicked off this thread. We walk parallel paths, i think!

PS I do spend a lot of time listening to other peoples tracks so i can find ones to ruin by singing some "art" on there-BB

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