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Hi Dick ,
First of all , I want to thank you for create Wikiloops ! I love the spirit of this place , the community , all the musics...I will continue to support , of course ; I feel like a fish in water , as we say in French ! So , I want to report you a bug (?).The track #121545 doesn't work , the player takes all the page and when you click on the number of the track , blues screen on the page. ( sorry for the description , my English is really poor ! ) .It's just this track ( upload by Marceys and I saw you play in !).
I take this opportunity to report to you that , on my showcase page , I can't upload images .
So Dick , once again , thank you for your work and your passion , next year I would like to participate to " Wikiloops Days " and meet in real some of you...
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Hey Toshino,
My french is probably much poorer than your english :)

I have checked track #121545 with three browsers (chrome, firefox, InternetExplorer) - and it looks good and plays allright in all of them.

Ah, I just realized you are probably using the french domain of wikiloops, and now I'm seeing the bug you are talking about :)
I'll see what I can do about that :)

The "add images to showcase" issue you are mentioning... yes, I can see what you mean.
This is a bug that is caused by the difference between the french domain and the newer english version - we are working to update the french site as soon as possible, the gallery editing will work again as expected, then.
Looking to fix the track bug now...
and thanks for your report!
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track bug is fixed :)
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