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Refuelling Accounts?

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Somewhat confused over refuelling my account.
I noticed a date, 25th December 2017. I've got a basic account at the moment. Does it stay open as a basic account if I do not refuel...or...do I lose my account? Do I lose all of my music? I'm unsure what will happen.
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Hey Stella,
No need to worry, really:
When falling back to the free account you will "loose" your "Supporting member"-stars and the ability to start private bands, and you will see banner advertisements on wikiloops (which sadly will let the site load a little slower, too).
All your tracks in the public segment (=non-bands) will remain untouched, so do not worry about loosing any tracks.

You can cehck out the detailed info on such matters in our help section:

or check the "basic membership service terms" here:
, it is all explained in detail there :)
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Thankyou Dick. I wondered how it worked, i thought if I and my music get cut off, that will affect all of the other musicians tracks too.
Another question too, say I was a supporter and I got tracks in a private band and for whatever reason I didn’t re-support, is the music lost forever, or does it stay until you re-support?
Ooh, and while I’m at it, what is the difference in supporting and subscribing? Sorry it’s a blonde moment kind of a day! :D
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Good question Stella hope we get an answer soon. Trying to understand this myself.
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Hey again :)
The private band tracks situation is also covered in the service description, where it says:
File storage data & started bands
Once an account upgrade times out, the user may no longer add files to the private storage assigned to founded band spaces.
Neither can the invited private group participants upload more data to the group. Accessing your private storage via the band pages interface will stay available for 30 days starting the moment the upgrade of the band founder times out.
The band page itself will stay available, including the group messaging functionality.
Bands may be transferred to another band member who can provide the needed storage quota, or provided with storage by renewing the band founders upgrade during that 30 day period.

So, regarding your private band activities, it depends on wether you are the founder of the band or a participant of a band hosted by someone else.
Only the bands founder needs to be a supporting member for the band to remain - the concept pretty much follows the idea of "someone needs to pay the rent for the rehearsal room, and the room gets cleared (yes, the files will eventually be deleted!) after 30 days if no one pays the rent.".

Stella wrote:
what is the difference in supporting and subscribing?

Any payment made to wikiloops leads to supporting member status - regardless of coming thru the donation page or the membership plans page.
The only differences are that you are able to choose the type (basic / vs. premium) on the membership plans page,
whereas the donation page will have to guess.
What the donation page does is assign "basic" membership for any donation below $10, all above is turned into premium.

Now, "subscribing" is only offered on the donations page in case you would prefer setting up a monthly payment instead of making a one time payment.
This option does not affect the granted status in any way, that is calculated as explained above.
hope that covers the question :)
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Thanks Dick ,I'm clearer on understanding now.I know UC Berkley offered a course on this subject .Keep up the good job always appreciated.
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