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For the Wiki~Ladies. Even though there aren’t many of us left!
I know that some of us are suffering from problems at home, relationship issues, jealousy, you know, the normal things us Wiki~Ladies have to deal with on a day to day basis. Please read. I hope you find it helpful and inspiring.

Picture this:
Two women walk into their friends party.
The first woman is someone who wears her hair down and who could be seen at first glance as a little messy, yet her face and smile is beaming and her whole body posture seems to be open and flowing.
You are drawn to her and she ends up being someone you can easily talk to and connect with. You feel comfortable around her. You can relate with her. She is free thinking, alive and filled with life.
She ignites something in everyone around her. She is open, alive and filled with life and because of this. She walks into a room, and regardless what she’s wearing, looks like, what she says or does doesn’t matter . . . she glows from the inside out and you just feel good around her. She’s doesn’t need “shiny” things on the outside. She is pure fire from within!

The second woman is very well put together on the outside. Very nice clothes and everything all in place. But she seems standoffish, calculated, almost pretentious.
You don’t feel like you can approach her because her body and chest is closed or turned away and she is abrupt in her energy, responses or eye contact to you.
She’s quiet and expects people to approach her differently, so everyone is cautious, wondering what underlying “real truth” lies underneath.
You can’t help but to get a feeling that things are not what they seem. Is she quietly judging and waiting to snap? Is she irritated or silently resenting others? Is she afraid to reach out and talk?
No one knows.
So here’s the question: Who do the people desire to talk to?
(Hint: It’s not the second woman).
It’s woman #1
Why? Because the first woman has turned on her inner light, while the second keeps hers dimmed.
What’s inner light you ask? Great question. Light is everything.
It’s our fire and soul, our charisma and heart, our unconscious energy and aliveness that emits us even physically.
Our inner light and how we feel loved and seen in it - even by SEEING ourselves - is the single most important factor to our inner magnetism, lasting attracting and deeper connection with others!
So our light being turned on equals the magnetism that draws others in.
When a woman’s light is on, she knows her worthiness not because she “thinks it” but because she exists this in a thousands ways and truly lives it.
She doesn’t need words. She is powerful without effort, flowing out an abundant or expansive energy others can literally feel around her.

And when woman #2’s light is off, even if she’s “trying hard” and “working very hard” she repels like no other because she completely misses or is not present to the energy inside her or others.
Instead of existing, embodying and feeling, she’s misses the point of existence because she is always in her own head.
She is usually the kind of woman over analyzing everything. She has to work 10 times harder for the same result.

Does reading this trigger you Wiki~Ladies?
Because if it does, then you’re probably suffering from a turned-off light however it’s not your fault!

There are lots of very good reasons why we as women, dim our light (beyond the fact that society for thousands of years have been silencing women.)
So I understand that it can feel like it’s much safer to be this way in the world that we live in.
Maybe the people around you growing up didn’t understand themselves in ways or how to deal with the massive light inside you, and so you learned how to “tone it down” in order to be loved and accepted.

Maybe your husband is working all the time and hasn’t devoted his time to you … maybe he hasn’t looked at you like you’re the ONLY woman .. or maybe at some point you’ve experienced deep heartbreak and now a lack of trust. So you flip your inner light switch to “off.”

Or maybe someone in your life, like your boss or your Mother-in-law influences you to somehow feel inadequate, incapable or undervalued in some way and the flickering light inside you gets dimmer.

Or perhaps you are just waking up to our hurting planet of toxic relationships, crazy egos and divided people has you saying “what does it even matter” to yourself ...

Or maybe you are silent and dim down because you are simply done trying to explain yourself to people who don’t understand you … or who judged you and so you just keep to yourself.

Whatever your reason, it doesn’t matter!

It’s time to turn your light ON!

Best way to do this is by hanging out with people who are shining bright because being around and hanging out with more humans who freely shine their light, can often make your own light shine. While at the same time be fully heard, seen and inspired to help each other connect, grow and shine in a fully safe and emotionally intelligent space that has your back!
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IMHO this applies equally to men. As people we all share insecurities and put up blocks. In more conservative cultures this could be especially applicable for women. In more egalitarian societies many men feel lost and dis-empowered...(yea, too bad if you were carrying unreal expectations). In either case it's a matter of having a sense of self worth.

The only slight disagreement I have with Stella would be in hanging on to people who have that inner light. If you are dependent on them instead of yourself, then not much has changed. It's also possible to become an emotional vampire. By all means find inspiration and get positive feelings going with the purpose of becoming self actuated.

Various individuals have claimed to have been inspired by any number of stimulants/circumstances including people, drugs, religion, etc. Whatever works is fair, yet any and all of the above could be sources of dependence. The goal is to NOT need those simulations.
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Very well put Wade. Insightful.
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As to me as for Wade I think it applies to all :)
Regarding what Stella said, I think that the better way to change is to observe people with the "light" but not hanging on them.
As most of our learnings are based on imitation (not sure that the good word) , it will lead to turn the light on step by step :-)
It means also be able to work on our own emotions (not easy !) and change our own image.
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