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The Food Thread (Favorite Recipes and Food Secrets)

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I sure will try it.
When people ask me if I am vege I say yes with a poker face. But secretely I am preparing my grill...
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Rob- Theres a guy named Steven Raichlen. This book is the greatest thing for BBQ lovers! It has so many simple , brilliant grilling tips its paid for itself in only a few dinners. I highly recommend it. Its so entertaining , it reads better then a romance novel.


In case you have never tried it....Beer Can Chicken. You can find recipes all over the web for it buts great!


Also veggies on the grill? Marinate in oil dressing for salads. Its amazing!
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Nothing taste better than a chicken on the grill with a beer up its *** :W

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I hear you loud and clear ! Next time I will use a more (Tasteful) description :) and Beer can chicken is delicious
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