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Lady P. wrote:
Jeez! Have some sympathy for the woman who's had to look after him, not easy!

For some reason i believe this is Martin impersonating his wife :O :O :@ :D :P
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Lady P. wrote:
Jeez! Have some sympathy for the woman who's had to look after him, not easy!

Some? Some??? You were were put forward as a strong candidate for the "Most suffering WIKI-Partner.EVER!!" award, and you received thousands and thousands of votes, but unfortunately you did not win. I would like to reveal the winner but it is personally painful to me so she will remain incognito.

But rest assured Mrs. P, your terrible suffering during the non-playing period (as well all those loooong years before), from music and non-music related matters has been noted and will be considered by the special WIKI suffering award committee.

Stay strong :W
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Hey Martin. I hope your recovery is going well and you'll be back to playing ASAP.
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LadyP does have a point. She spent 2 weeks running around after me, nagging me to not do things I shouldn't whilst I did really important activities such as dropping my phone and smashing the screen because I was doing everything right-handed!
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Well as a good drummer you succeeded in making it sound more complicated as right-handed also seems to be wrong-handed. :o It must have shattered the dream of the hands being independent. And that seems even further away if the whole drummer itself is still totally depending on LadyP to make it through the day :(:@ in a reasonable way. In those physically and mentally instable times she surely deserves a big hand for 'sticking' with you. ;):D
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