Hi guys..

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I'm not one to post on forums, but felt compelled to say how fantastic it was to read from you Nuno. Life has a way of throwing challenges at us, but it never throws more than what we can deal with (hopefully). So very glad to read you are coming out the other side. Please take care and hoping to hear your music soon friend :)
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Hi guys

Again thank you for the lovely responses.

Adu, Thanks man, head high & 4 strings loud !? I LOVE it... ;)

Agn├Ęss, thanks & i most certainly will post a few of my ''in your face bass'' tracks... ;)

Marmotte, many thanks for your kind words & yes i will miss meeting you all & the fantastic atmosphere but hey.. my mind's set on next year's meet already, no point on crying over spilt milk !! ;)

Bhunt, thanks buddy, i am doing all in that exact sense. And jamming & posting ? Oh yes, it will come as all clears.. ;)

Martin, you hit it in the head in your post ! Cool to hear from you, i miss you guys ( please say hi to Mrs P for me.. ) & many thanks for your kind words. Indeed it has been a rough ride but fortunately i can see now some light at the end in the monies department & the stress has subsided. The ankle ? Pff, another walk in the park with VERY BAD TIMING - a bit like me playing bass.....LOL...

RobM, thanks a lot buddy, indeed i've been able to manage it to what seems shaping as a good final result but sometimes man.. we REALLY could do w/ a little less hardship because it really seems that when it rains it bloody POURS man !!...LOL.... & yes, i will be posting soon, just a bit of a technical difficulty here to sort..
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plenty of time to rest when i'm dead...
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Well you're not the only one who has been AWOL around here! A few confessors above and I guess I fit into the "me too" category. You know I'm always there for you. Will try to bring some of the joy and cheer from the jam with me. See you in a few weeks.
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Hey Wade, there you are..!

I know you are & i know you will, this time i just hope to live up to SOME expectations jamming wise !!
In a few minutes i'm going to the drummer's place for his birthday party & he has set up all the backline & small PA on the stage beside the pool for us to jam outside...
It's going to be fun & i can't wait to have you here & become part of some of that as well !!
I KNOW you will make us sound like a million dollars.. ;)
plenty of time to rest when i'm dead...
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